Monday, April 30, 2012

It's the Muppet Show....

"It's the Most Sensational, Inspirational, Celebrational, Muppetational....This is what we call the Muppet Show!!!"

Since early March when we first saw the new Muppet Show movie (LOVED IT!!!), we have been all Muppets all the time.  We listen to the soundtrack round the clock, Z pretends that he is Kermit, I am Mary, Scott is Gary and Lil'C is Camilla the Chicken.  We have birthday parties for Walter and Gonzo and Z even puts on his own Muppet Shows.  The movie was great (Scott and I laughed so hard we were crying at times) and now we are going back in time and watching the old Muppet Show episodes.  I wasn't sure if the kids were going to like them but they think they are HILARIOUS!  I love to hear their little giggles as we watch this major piece of our childhood. 

The Muppet Show has been a nice break from Star Wars...that is not to say that Z has forgotten Star Wars or his Peregrine Falcon obsessions (he even wrote a book called, "The Muppet's Meet Star Wars").  Z now spends an hour as Kermit, the next as Luke and then an hour later will be Daddy Falcon hunting for his babies.  It is hard to keep up with him sometimes :)  I can't wait to show him the clip brings his three loves together....the Muppet's, Lego and Star Wars :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

My Blessing Bag

My dear friend Claire gave me a present last month....a Blessing Bag.  This plain bag is a home for me to write down the moments of my life when I am feeling particularly blessed.  The idea is that on New Years Day I will take my bag, empty the pieces of paper and remember all of those wonderful moments throughout the year.

In the past I have tried to keep a gratitude journal but if I missed a few days, I would get frustrated and then eventually give it up.  I love the idea of a bag to fill and I keep paper both down and upstairs for whenever a blessed moment comes over me :)  The bag is hanging in my closet and having it there is a good reminder at the end of the day to reflect upon the moments of my day that were special.  This was such a simple gift but one that means so much, thanks Claire.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Day Date with Scott

Scott and I had our first day date ever last weekend.  It was so nice to have a date where we weren't falling asleep in our food ;)  We spent a sunny day in Boston, walking hand in hand and enjoying time together (thanks MOM!!).  He showed me around his new office, we had an appetizer and a beer at a restaurant on the water, walked along the Harbor Walk to the North End and then walked back and had an early dinner at a beautiful Mexican restaurant that looked out at the harbor.  We talked, enjoyed the sunshine and dreamed up great plans for the next five was WONDERFUL.

Two famous guys were involved in a modeling shoot at the table next to us but we were clueless as to who they were.  People kept coming over for pictures and autographs but even Google couldn't help us figure out who they were.  We should have asked our waitress but didn't want to seem clueless ;)  I did snap a picture of you know who they are???

Monday, April 23, 2012

Making Memories.....

Here are some photos from our week, starting last Saturday.  They include Spring Cleaning, another Warm Spring Day, a day at the coast with my friend Sarah and her kids and fun from Mimi's birthday party (we went to a place called the Biomes).  Happy Monday.

He Washed Windows
And helped move 2 yards of Mulch...all thanks to Sparkle Stories!!!

More Water Fun

Mommy's Idea of fun on a nice spring day!
Touch Tank with O and L

Row Row Row Your Boat

Exploring the Rocks

A Sibling Moment on the Beach

Off to dig a hole

Chilly Afternoon...especially chilly after ice cream!

Beach Combing

The Biome's For Mimi's Birthday

Lion Fish found in RI!

Lil'C and Grandpa

Mimi and Z

The Octopus and his pumpkin?!?!?

Playing a birthday song...It was her 1/2 birthday!!!

Mimi's Pinkalicious Cupcake

A Happy Half Birthday Girl!

Mimi was happy to be turning 5 :)  Fun day!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Earth Week Goals for 2012

Well I just reviewed last years Earth Week Goals and I have to say that 3 out of 5 isn't too bad :)  I am now making detergent out of soap nuts (LOVE it!!), try to reuse as much as I can and have made a huge effort to not buy things in plastic.  As for composting and the clothesline...well I bought the stuff for a clothesline but couldn't figure out where to put it and used the rope in the garden instead and I composted for about 2 months and gave it up again :(

So here are my new goals for 2012....

1.  Start the Compost Again

We will start it up for the third time and hopefully continue.  My in-laws are so dedicated when it comes to composting....hopefully the third time will be the charm for our family :)

2.  Find a Way to Dry Clothes Outside

I have so many clothes that would benefit from hanging in the sunshine...Natures's Bleach....and so I really need to make this happen.  Having a clothesline will also help me to save energy (money) by not using the dryer and I just love the smell of clothes that have been out in the fresh air.  Perhaps a drying rack???

3.  Potty Train Lil'C
This will not only save money but also be such a huge reduction of waste in our house.  I am hoping that by Earth Day 2013 this goal is accomplished!!!  If not, mama might need therapy ;)

4.  Try to reduce my use of Tin Foil

I don't know about you but I use way too much of this non-renewable resource.  It is time to find ways around using it.  Katie Kimball wrote a really great post about not using plastic wrap HERE and many of the same tricks can be used when it comes to foil too.
5.  Get outside More

I do not get outside enough with my children.  It is time to put my (and my husband's) fear of ticks behind us and explore our own backyard!  It is my goal to spend at least 30 minutes outside....not matter the weather!!!

So there you have it, the five Earth Week Goals for 2012......Do you have any goals for the year??

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Time to Plan the Garden!

Z and I sat down with paper, pencil and our seed packets and finally planned the garden.  A few weeks ago we prepared the beds (although they need to be fertilized) and hope to plant some early seeds this weekend!  In the house we have some seedlings going and Z has been doing a great job taking care of them.  Although I never have any luck with seedlings, it is a good experience for the children and hopefully this year will be different.  So far we have planted cilantro, some flowers, cherry tomatoes, pumpkins and swiss chard.
In our garden this year we will be planting: beans, peas, sugar pumpkins, carrots, swiss chard, cucumbers and zucchini And in pots we will have lettuce, arugula, cherry tomatoes, basil, cilantro, parsley, mint and rosemary.   Z has given his little garden to Lil'C and has decided the big garden will be shared by he, Daddy and I ;)  I'd like one more small bed but I don't think this is the year, I'll probably just add another pot.

What are you growing this year??

Monday, April 16, 2012

Earth Day Already???

 I am in shock that Earth Day is next Sunday, never mind the fact that my baby will be two and a half that day!!  How is it already the middle of April??  Where has this month gone?  Well I guess it is time to pull out the Earth Day books and plan some fun activities for my kids.  Next to Thanksgiving and Christmas, this is my favorite holiday and so it is time to celebrate! 
It is my plan to focus this year on food and gardening with the kids.  I want to talk about the importance of farms, growing our own food, what it means when something is organic and why it is important to support local farmers.  We will get into the garden, do our early planting and attend the farmers market.  
We will also be participating in Screen Free Week again this year.  It is always a challenge but it is my hope that the weather will be good, we will be healthy this year and we will find plenty to keep us busy.  We watch a whole lot less TV this year than last, so I am hoping it should be a piece of cake :)

What are your plans for Earth Day??

Friday, April 13, 2012

Making Memories....

Here are a random sampling of photos that I don't think I have shared.  The first three are of the kids at the Planetarium and Space Discovery Center last week.  My dad works right next door so we like to go and meet him for lunch :)  The next is of Lil'C with her new favorite thing...CHALK and the last are of Z's 1/2 birthday celebration.  He asked for a cookie cake and I made him a 1/2 card :)  

Happy Weekend and may Friday the 13th be good to you ;)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

We did it!!!

As you may remember for Lent we gave up the following things....

Mommy and Daddy--refined sugar and tried to limit natural sugars like maple syrup and honey
Family--The Microwave

I am proud to say that we did really well!!! 

Candy--Z only had one lollipop during Lent (from the Barber) and this happened to be on a Sunday which is the day you are allowed to "cheat".  He told me he will not be giving up candy again.....we shall see :)

Sugar--Scott and I did really well at home with eliminating sugar and avoided it in sweets when we were out and about.  The only refined sugars we consumed were at restaurants in sauces and breads and at family and friend's houses.  There was some withdrawl symptoms at first but after about a week or two I rarely craved sugar.  On Easter I did have a handful of jellybeans but the plan is to keep on with the plan to reduce sugar :)

facebook--It was hard at first but after awhile I really didn't miss it and was glad to not have the distraction.  I will admit that I did "Like" a few pages on facebook when entering different blog giveaways, I checked out my best friend's pregnancy announcement photo and did go on to do some business for a friend (I run her facebook page) but other than that I was off for the duration.  I have only been on it once since Lent ended and was only on for about 3 minutes.  I really hope to continue to only check it once and awhile and not get sucked back in.

Microwave--For about a week I would go to the spot where it use to be and think, "Oh's gone."  After that time I got over it, got creative and figured out alternative ways to heat things up.  Over all we don't miss it and though it might take me a little longer to heat something up, I am happy to do so to avoid the harmful effects of the microwave.  Another benefit is that I have one less thing to clean!!

So how did you do???

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Feed Play Love is BACK!!

I am sooooo excited that they are doing a second year of the Feed Play Love Virtual Conference.   Let me remind you that this Virtual Conference is FREE!  Yes, FREE!!!  As many of you know I participated last year and learned soooo much from the amazing panel of speakers.

I am so excited to participate again.  They have so many new speakers lined up and a few of my favorites from last year.  I will admit that the knowledge you gain can be a bit overwhelming but it is so rich and worth it.  Because of last years conference we now drink raw milk, I better understand the differences of males and females and how to better relate with not only my son but my husband, I have embraced peaceful parenting (and am currently taking a course around it), I have limited screentime even more, I have TRIED to give up complaining (and I am more conscience when I do), I make more time for myself.....and that is only the beginning. 

The conference is split into three weeks.  The first week is the Feed week, the second Play and the third Love.  This conference is designed to help inspire you to be the best parent that you can be and the wealth of knowledge and tips you will get is incredible.  There are 4 speakers each week so you can pick and choose if you do not have time to listen to each one.  Each podcast is also available for 48 hours after the set time for the speaker so you can listen in at your convenience.  I often listened after the kids were in bed with a load of laundry to fold, a cup of tea and a notepad to jot down ideas. 

Click Here to learn more and to sign up!  It starts this month so register today :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter with the Birds :)

Due to the stomach flu that is going around, our Easter plans had to be changed.  Instead of a big family moment at Scott's parents house with an egg hunt on their farm.....our plan was to have a quiet and relaxing day at home, just the four of us.   After a very busy Saturday, it was nice to have this downtime scheduled in.  Here are some highlights and cute kid moments of our Easter Celebrations :)

*The dyeing of brown eggs with the natural dyes I had was a BUST.  The person most disappointed by this was Scott....the kids and I still had a great time.  Z said at one point, "the eggs at school were a lot more purple than these" but other than that he didn't care :)
*Caroline cracked one of her eggs while dyeing them and looked down at it and said, "oh the baby duck, hello baby duck, where are you duck?"  She thought the egg was hatching!  Too cute.
 *We had spilled some of the yellow dye on the kitchen floor while dyeing eggs and never noticed it.  The next morning Z found it and said, "I think the Easter Bunny peed on the floor!" 
*After the indoor egg hunt (customary in my state) we Skyped with Scott's parents.  Z shared all the bird stuff he got in his basket (Lil'C got lots of fairy stuff) and Mimi told us about a place where she use to go and see Peregrine falcons.  Within in one hour we ate our big Easter breakfast, were dressed, packed and ready to head out to find the Peregrine falcons!!
love that hair!!!
*We had an amazing, spontaneous adventure to the coast of Massachusetts to look for birds.  We saw Blue Heron, Swans, Egrets, lots of ducks, an osprey, cormorants, Canada geese, a turkey, turkey vultures and we think a Peregrine Falcon (at least that is what we are going with).  It was so nice to be on the beach, near the marshes and hiking around as a family.  The kids LOVED bird watching and can't wait to go again.  Thanks for inspiring us Mimi!
his new official binoculars!!

blue Heron
*A light grilled dinner by Scott topped off the day.  Nobody food coma for us today! It was such a great day and we are looking forward to Easter the Sequel next week with Scott's parents :)
A very serious hunter
look at the crown she got in her basket!  Hand knit by a girl I went to elementary school with!
Osprey nest
Z wouldn't share his binoculars ;)
Z's Basket contents

C's basket....All the books with the exception of two were bought USED!  Love buying used books :)