Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Goals and Adventures

I am a little late sharing our summer adventure list this year but I figure better late than never.  Z and I made the list about a month ago and it is hanging in our kitchen.  Every time we complete an adventure or an activity, we put a star sticker next to it.  Some activities have a bunch of stars next to them already (we have been to the beach 3 times this year so far).

This is our 6th year of making these lists (S and I use to do them before kids).  We always find that summer so quickly and before you know it, the leaves are changing colors. These lists have helped us to make sure that we make the most out of our short New England summers.

This year we are concentrating on making special memories with extended family.  Family is so important and after all we have been through in the last few months, we like to be with our family as much as we can!  Z (and Lil' C) have enjoyed the adventures so far and I have also had a theme for each week for Z.  This week's theme is DINOSAURS and so every day there is an activity or trip that relates to the theme.  Last week was SPACE WEEK and the week before was RED WHITE and BLUE week (in honor of the 4th).  I will share more about our themes later :)

So here is our Summer Adventure list for 2010 :)

Theme Weeks for Z
(Z has requested most of these themes)

1. Red White and Blue week
2. Space Week
3. Dinosaur Week
4. Volcano Week
5. Bridges and Tunnels Week
6. Ocean Week
8. Water and Bubble Week
9. Lake Week (boats, wildlife)
10. Kitchen Science Week
11. "Play Ball" Week or Music Week

Family Adventures (Z and I made this list together)

1.  trip to a baseball game **
2.  camp in the backyard
3.  campfires with marshmallows ***

4.  picnic on the beach ****
5.  get Del's lemonade ****
6.  eat clamcakes and chowdah **
7.  lobster dinner in Maine *
8.  mini golfing **
9.  trip to the driving range
10. tie die shirts
11.  trip to the planetarium *
12.  have fun on the jetski ***************
13.  build a sandcastle **************
14.  visit our CSA weekly *******
15.  pick blueberries **
16.  make lots of popsicles *****************
17.  water fun in the backyard ***
18.  work in our garden ***********
19.  trip to the splash park *
20.  spend time at the lake (a month!!!!)**************
21.  go to the zoo *
22.  beach combing *
23.  summer reading program at the library *
24.  Storyland (we went to santa's village instead :)) *
25.  look for fireflies *
26.  go stargazing **
27.  go swimming at auntie's lake **
28.  go bowling (a lot) ***
29.  trip to get gingerbread men at the YUM YUM shop
30.  go to the local science museum

And as always we will be playing the summer license plate game! I have been playing this since I was a small child. It is really easy....from Memorial Day-Labor Day you try to find as many license plates from the 50 states as you can....one year I had 47 (including Hawaii!)  We already have 20 :)

Once again I highly recommend putting together your own Summer Adventure list. We find that our list helps us to make the most out of our summer and helps us to create so many wonderful summer memories!