Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Tales :)

We had such a jam packed, FUN weekend!  It started with a birthday party Friday night for Z's good buddy Abbey.  They have been friends since they were 6 months old and it was the perfect way to kick back after Z's first day of school :)  It was at a funland and both kids had a ball playing video games, jumping in the bouncy house and climbing in the big maze :) 
Saturday afternoon we went to birthday party number two which could have not been more different than the first.  This party was a pond dipping party to celebrate Z's good buddy M turning 8!  We went with a naturalist down to a pond at the Audubon Center and looked for pond creatures.  We saw dragonfly larvae, a turtle a frog, a water snake and Z found a leach!  So much fun, I LOVE this stuff!! 
My friend K went all out with the theme of this party and I wish I had more pictures.  She made a huge hero sandwich in the shape of a snake, her husband made a fruit salad served in the watermelon that looked like a frog, the cake was a pond and the plates even were cut to look like lily pads!!!  The goody bags were also amazing and had mini toy pond creatures, a small net, a bug box, gummy pond creatures with a clothespin dragonfly they made (we are putting them on our Christmas tree), frog blowers they made themselves and hand soap with frogs floating in it (FROG WASH) cute!!!
We had a blast at both parties.  To top the weekend off, Sunday we finally used my Christmas present from Scott and went to Canobie Lake Park.  Canobie is an amusement park 10 minutes from my house and we hadn't been since Z was 23 months old.  Z was so brave this year and went on so many rides!  Caroline went on most that he went on and they both had so much fun :)  There were NO lines and we got to ride things again and again....such a fun day!  Z rode his first flume ride and did it 3 times :) 
 More Photos :)
birthday boy ponding
dragon fly larvae
C and C looking out at a frog capture

Scott and Lil'C in the roosters
Z's first time driving!
Z's first roller coaster ride
Z's first flume ride...he went 3 times!!!


Anonymous said...

What a fun packed weekend! Glad the weather cooperated. Onto the next party! Boo Hoo that we can't be there but wishing a wonderful day for allespecially Z & c...

Mimi & GP Jeff

kitkat said...

M & C are so excited to be on your blog! :) So glad you could celebrate with us!

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