Sunday, December 2, 2012

Where Have I Been!?!?

Hello All (if there is anybody left reading), Happy December!  I cannot believe that November is behind us and I did not sit down to write once.  The blogging break was filled with so many projects, a special weekend Mother's Retreat (picture above was taken there), holiday shopping, a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving with friends, Thanksgiving with family, planning Advent and decorating for Christmas.  It was a wonderful month, absolutely wonderful. 
And now we are moving into December.  Once again I spent most of November preparing for December so that I could enjoy all the magic of the season.  It means for a lot of work in November (shopping, creating, wrapping, crafting, cards, decorating) but it makes for a fun and relaxing December. 
This December I am planning to post a photo a day up until Christmas.  I probably won't write much but plan to tell our story through photos and short blurbs.  Below you will find the photos for December 1st and 2nd.  I wish you all a magical holiday season!!!

December 1st--Cousins Decorating my Mom's Tree
December 2nd--This Year's Basket of Advent Holiday Books


Connie said...

I have been wondering where you went.

Glad you're back!

Annie said...

You had a busy month. Curious to see what are you going to do for december.

Have a blessing week.

Mom said...

So glad you are back, even if I got to see you all through November. I missed the blog.
Last year was the first year I actually got everything done before Thanksgiving. It made for such a relaxing December. This year I am close. Except for a little bit of decorating and wrapping I am ready by December 2nd. You are a good influence on your mom!

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