Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I Won't Leave Home Without Them....

Scott and I ended up extending our trip in Arizona by 11 hours because of the snow storm and thus needed to book an extra night in a hotel.  We had already checked out of our hotel when this decision was made and felt that we would try something new.  We arrived at the new hotel late at night, after our day in Sedona, and only grabbed our two small suitcases when we left the car with the valet.  The car was valet parking only and it wasn't until I got into the room that I realized my toiletry bag was in the garment bag we had left behind.  This left me feeling a bit unsettled but with a little ingenuity I made it all work.

In my handbag I always carry a small bar of MadeOn Bee Silk Hard Lotion and my MadeOn Lip Balm (won't leave home without either!!!).  I also had a few other items I needed in my handbag so other than my hair stuff I was good to go.  I felt lost without my MADEON Second Life Hair Butter to tame my frizzy curly mane.  I decided to be a little daring and used some of the Bee Silk Hard lotion bar on my hair instead.  It has similar ingredients (just in a different concentration) but has a different texture. I used it sparingly and only on the ends of my hair and you know what, it worked!  It is not something I would do everyday but in a pinch, it did work!

I am so appreciative for MadeOn and their amazing products.  All of their products contain simple ingredients like beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter and essential oils and are handmade by the Harris Family themselves.  Their hard lotion bar is great for airport security (no liquid) and I carry mine everywhere I go.  It is great for chapped hands, dry feet, legs...anything!  We also use their Bee Silk Jr. for Lil'C.  She has the tin by her bed and applies it on her dry skin herself.  She also uses the diaper rash cream (yes still in diapers) and the whole family loves our lip balm and their bug block.  For the past year we have loved everything we have tried and it has replaced many of the unhealthy personal products we were using (especially my hair gel and mousse).   If you are more of a DIY person they sell ebooks with recipes to make your own products (including sunscreen) and the materials to do so.

The customer service at MadeOn is incredible and personable. It is a fabulous company with an amazing product.  We recommend it to everyone we know  and thought you should know about it too!

Let me say that I am no being compensated in anyway for this post.  These words and opinions are all my own and all products that I have told you about were purchased with Scott's my own money.  MadeOn is a family run business and we not only love their products but feel good that we are helping to support an entrepreneurial family!


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