Friday, September 13, 2013

Perks of Homeschooling

This week New England was blessed with some unseasonably warm weather.  Wednesday's temperatures were in the 90's and when I saw the forecast there was only one place I wanted to be....the Lake!  I postponed all of our plans for the week and we headed to the lake Wednesday after Z's nature class.  Z and I couldn't wait to jump in the lake and have that last warm day of summer.

It was a much needed break after a rocky Tuesday of homeschooling.  We enjoyed the sun, swimming, jumping off the raft and even went for a a kayak trip with Chi Chi.  This blessing of a day was just what we needed to recharge and have fun together.  Tomorrow we will "hit the books" again but today was a gift, a gift that I know we will both remember forever!


Annie said...

Beautiful view!!! I wish to have some fun days with the girls but we just work with school papers.

Happy weekend!!!!

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