Monday, April 20, 2009

Mommy has a Choo Choo in her Belly

Very early this morning the whole family went to the OB's office for my 12 week check up (even though I am over 13 weeks now :)). It was the first visit for Z and S and although we were not that optomistic about hearing the heartbeat (my uterus is tipped back) S still wanted to go, just incase.

Z was thrilled to be going to the doctors office as soon as he heard it was an appointment for mommy instead of himself. He skipped all the way there and was very chipper for 7:20 AM :) These visits are very quick and before we knew it the midwife was in the room ready to find the hearbeat. I laid back and watched Z carefully. He eyed the midwife suspiciously and wondered what the box with the "microphone" was. As she searched for the heartbeat, Z heard all of the static and asked, "What's sound that is?". Then we heard it....."woosh, woosh, woosh".....the little heart was beating strong at 150 bpm. S and I were very surprised and smiled at one another and Z asked again, "What's that?" We still haven't told him about the baby (we are waiting until I am showing) and so S responded with, "that's a choo choo train".

Later on at the park, Z came running over to me and said, "Mommy has a Choo Choo train in her Belly". I laughed and told him that I did. He then asked, "Is it Thomas?"

Well Z, we are not sure if it is a Thomas Train or an Emily Train and we won't know for another 7 months or so. But don't worry Z, you will be one of the first to find out!


Connie Weiss said...

I love this! And that is exactly what it sounds like!

Have a great week!

Mom said...

"Thomas" or "Emily" - we will love him/her with all our hearts!

Surprises are so much fun!

The word verification for this comment is "Conan", how's that for a name?

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