Friday, May 1, 2009

Our Spring

Here is a pictorial view of our spring. I am sorry but I am too tired to write anything lately. I am feeling a little better each week but after entertaining Z all day....there is not much left to give :)

I hope you are all doing well! Happy May :)

Z's New Train Table!!! The "dangerous"trampoline that left Z with a gray front tooth was recalled. Now he has the train table of his dreams :) It came at the perfect time, during the worst of my nausea!! It has been a wonderful distraction for Z.

Easter on the Farm :) It was chilly!

Our April Tropical Heatwave.....we took off for a weekend at the lake (my dad opened the house a month before we normally do, just for us!). Z could not wait to build sandcastles, fish with his new pole, play trucks and go swimming. We told him that it would be too cold to swim but he didn't listen :) He also was blessed with his first trip to the ER :( He is fine but he split his lip open on a pressure treated swing.

Z "swimming"

Daddy's first fish of the season :) Z took to fishing like a natural!

Water fun day with Auntie and G

A fun trip to the train shop :)


Connie Weiss said...

Great pictures!

My son is going on his first fishing trip this summer in Milwaukee! I hope he likes it as much as his Daddy.

I hope you get more energy soon!

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