Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Park the Elf Arrived Today!!!

The Raising Z household is filled with excitement because Park the Elf arrived today.  This is his second holiday season with us and we are thrilled that he decided to visit us once again.  For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about...check out the Elf Magic Website

I first heard about this site from Connie at The Young and the Relentless.  After reading her entry about the elves at her house, I immediately went to get an elf of our own.  A few days later, Park arrived and we had a blast toting him all over the place.  He went on the Polar Express, came on an overnight to Portland Maine with us, went to see Christmas lights, baked cookies and so much more.  He often left small little gifts for Z in his sack and on Christmas Eve, when he had to go back to the North Pole to help Santa, he left him a larger gift as a thank you for being such a good host :)  It was so much fun.

This year we have decided to change things up a bit.  Rather than have Park come to live with us and join us in all of our daily adventures, he will just be popping in at night to check things out (he is much too busy this year and Santa desperately needs him at the North Pole during the day).  Z will never actually see Park this season but every morning (except for Preschool mornings) Park will leave a photo of himself doing something in the house, a letter for Z and C and some small gift for the day.  S feels by doing it this way, Park will be more magical and mysterious ;)  I spent the weekend getting all the pictures and letters ready to go.

Last year I bought the gifts, this year I wanted to save money so I got creative :)  Today he left Z and C their Nativity Set.  Park has lots of exciting things to leave this season like... their holiday trains, cookie cutters to make cookies, a holiday potty chart (we have really fallen off the wagon on that), the Polar Express book and a bell from Santa's sleigh, Candy canes, our stockings (with a new one for C), money to go out and buy toys for Toys for Tots and so much more.  Each time he visits he will leave something unique and special.....and on Christmas Eve, he will leave them a slightly larger gift once again.

I have included a few of the pictures that Park will leave behind.....he is one wild and crazy elf :)

Park hanging from the lights, going potty and riding Z's trike

Park making cookies (he ate them all though), driving Mom's car and hanging with the Grinch!


Amanda {My Life Badly Written} said...

What a wonderful idea and tradition!!! I like the idea of keeping him mysterious and leaving stuff for the kids to find in the morning!!
Might have to get an elf for this house too!

Beth P. said...

So cute. I LOVE this idea and can't wait for C to be a little older so I can do it as well. What a great way to keep December exciting and to motivate the young ones to do their best for Santa!

I am Lee-Ann... said...

Very fun! Our elf arrived today too! :o)

Sharon said...

I've never heard of this, but i think it's GREAT! And I agree, that's one adventurous elf!

Well done mommy! Even with a new baby, your brain synapses are still firing... I wonder about mine sometimes!

MamaB said...

What a great idea!! I bet Z will be so excited to get up and see if Park has left him anything I will have to try this out in our home. Hope C is feeling much better!

kys said...

That is cute! I've heard of this but my kids are getting too old for it. Le Sigh.

Michelle said...

ha! looks like fun.

Connie Weiss said...

That sounds like a great way to use Park this year!

Our elves arrived yesterday and have been summoned back to the North Pole already...you just wait and see why on Friday!

Mesina said...

What a great idea!! Oh I love this! I may have to search for an elf to come stay with us! xx

Annie said...

Looks like fun having an Elf at home. Great tradition.

Amanda {My Life Badly Written} said...

Well I got us an Elf and have credited you with the idea and linked back to this post - you can read about it here:


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