Monday, May 17, 2010

I am a Numbers Girl....All About Me Monday :)

This week Mommy Brain, wants us to share our numbers :)  I LOVE numbers.  I love number puzzles, a good math problem and teaching math was my favorite!  So here are my numbers.......

1--Television in my house
2--Children under my care
3--Cars I have actually owned but I have driven many more than that
4--Continents I have been on
5--Car accidents I have been in and also the average number of hours of sleep I get a night
6--Shampoo and Conditioner Bottles in my shower
7--Number of Siblings I have if you include my 2 awesome sister in-laws, 4 great brother in-laws and my BF---2 if you don't :)
9--Number of books I am currently reading (I can't help it!!!)
10--Shoe size (big feet :()
13--The number of one of my houses growing up
13.1--Miles.....the longest Race I have ever run--my 1/2 marathon
15--Number of Places I have Lived (CRAZY!!!  The number was 3 until I turned 18.....)
16--Countries I have visited (not including all of the many island countries I have been to)
18--New emails in my Inbox
19--Day of my birth
20--States I have visited
26--My favorite number
68--Number of inches I am
287--Friends on Facebook
429--Blog Posts I have written
1, 325--Songs stored in my Itunes 
10,218--pictures in my Iphoto box (although most are on my portable drive)

Right now I am loving the number 4 because that is the number in my FAMILY :)

What are your numbers?????? 


VandyJ said...

Those are some awesome numbers. You get around--in a good way.

blueviolet said...

5 car accidents? Oh no!!!!!

16 countries - AWESOME!!!

MommyBrain said...

Love the fact that you listed in order ... as a teacher, I totally appreciate that :) And we share a favorite number ... hooray for 4!

BJ_Mama said...

I want to visit more countries!!!!!!! How fun!

Annie said...

I like it. What are the countries you visited?

Have a good week.

Nicolasa said...

oh fun! I like this!

Alea said...

What a fun post. My 3 yo asks me each day if I want to make today a counting day (How can you say no to that?), so we count our way through all of our activities.

Mesina said...

What a fun post! 13.5 miles running?! Respect! 5 car accidents? *gasp*!
I've got 4 kids, 6 siblings, 2 dogs, 2 degus (and ONE giant mess - those guys are messy!) and one brain cell left. I'm guarding that sucker with my life!

Christa said...

I like this post! It's fun lol. Some of my numbers are: 6 siblings 1-7 Children under my care at all times {not all mine obvi}, shoe size 6.

Sorry I've been MIA lately! How's Cloth Diapering going? I miss my bloggy friends!

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