Friday, May 14, 2010

My Back's Out and Food Waste Friday

It happened so fast and there was really nothing I could have done to prevent it right then (other then doing daily pilates to build up my core)......I went to put Lil' C's carrier in the car, twisted funny and my back went out :(  It has been 48 hours and I am a mess.  I can do little other than lie on the floor and my poor house and children are suffering.  S is super crazy with work and his family this week and so he has been really torn trying to tend to me and do all that he needs to do.  He has rearranged his schedule as much as he can but timing was not good for him at all.  Thank God that my family lives close by and that I have such wonderful friends and a super babysitter.  I would not be able to make it through this without them. 

I have pulled out my back two times before this, both when Z was a baby.  The first time he was four months old and I had to put him in a laundry basket and slide him across the floor as I crawled to the phone.  I was out for almost a week and had many different family members take shifts to take care of Z.  The second time was when Z was 10 months old but this time I was at the lake with family.  I spent the week laying down indoors with my Noni (we played word games) while everyone else had fun in the sun and took care of my little guy. 

This time, I have two to tend to and I am so fortunate that my dad, sisters, good friend K and our babysitter have come to my aid.  It has been a challenge but Z has been super helpful and I think he has enjoyed playing games and reading books with his mama on the floor :)  I am hoping to be up and back to my old self soon and then I will be hitting the Pilates mat so that this does not happen again!!!

As for Food Waste Friday.....I just don't have it in me to go and get my camera to show you the pictures of my waste.  But I can tell you that we wasted 3 of the delicious apple muffins that I made last week when I saved the apples (so sad about that) and a 1/2 of a lime that we had with our Corona's.  I think that we did pretty good this week and hope that we have a no waste week next week!!!  Head over to Frugal Girl's website if you want to check out more about Food Waste Friday.


VKT said...

I have done that myself so I can relate to how much pain you are in. I wonder if it has something to do with teachers having to lift boxes, kids, textbooks, move furniture, etc. I know you used to be a teacher too.

Nicolasa said...

OH no, that does not sound fun at all. I'll be thinking of you and hoping that relief comes quickly for you!

Alea said...

I couldn't get my comment to post on Friday for some reason. I hope you are feeling better! My husband's back goes out on him. Do exercises to strengthen his core helps, but sometimes life gets in the way. My kids love it when he is stuck on the floor because then he can't escape and they can comandeer him for hours at a time. :)

Mommy Lisa said...

I try sooooo hard not to waste food. It makes me sick when I have to throw stuff out!

Mommy Lisa said...

ANNNNND I hit post before I remembered to say...

FEEL BETTER. It stinks when you can't do for yourself!

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