Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Halloween Poem

The pumpkin is carved, the costumes are ready

but something is not quite right this Halloween night.

Our trick or treaters (one cow and one planet hero)

to look at them is quite the sight!

Our little moo cow is not feeling well

and has green snots oozing out of her nose.

Our Shiver from Pluto is moving quite slow

for he is in a cast from his knee to his toe.

"Oh what to do?" say mom and dad

We do not want either to miss out on the fun

Dad will take Shiver around in the wagon

While mom will play at home with the wee little one.

Happy Halloween!!


Mom said...

Our poor little trick-or-treaters. Luckily, it won't be their last.
Happy Halloween to our Lil' Cow and Shiver!
We love you!
Neene and ChiChi

Connie W said...

Did someone break their leg?

Happy Halloween!

Mom said...

Think you need to an update on the "Z" Man!

MamaB said...

Oh No! What happened to the Z man?? I feel you on the green snot fairy, she has made her presences known in our neck of the woods too. I hope all is well and wishing you the best!

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