Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An Out of This World Birthday

Z is now four....hard to believe!  This past weekend he had 2 of his 3 birthday parties (yes I know, I know).  His first birthday was a friend party at a local bounce house.  There were four inflatable bounce houses (including a giant one with a slide), 18 children over age one, 7 babies, a bunch of parents, my babysitter and my dad :)  It was pure chaos and Z loved every minute of it. 

We had a space theme (Planet Heroes to be specific) and made all of the decorations by hand.  Z helped with every aspect of his party.  He helped plan it, desgin the decorations, make and fill the goody bags, bake the cookies (he hates cake) and deocorate the cupcakes.  It was a bit frustrating at times having to move so slowly with my junior party planner but in the end I would not have wanted it any other way.  Because he was so involved in the planning and creating of the party, he began to realize how much work it all was.  At one point he looked at me while we were printing off some decorations and he said, "Thank you Mommy".  That alone made everything I was doing worth it!

Z's second party was with S's family.  This party was a breakfast space party (his favorite meal) and came complete with a donut cake!!!!  It was lot's of fun and he was given his bike at this party (although the planet hero he received from his grandparents trumped the bike....oh well).  It was a wonderful weekend and very soon he will have his third celebration with my family and all of his lake friends.  We can't wait.


Little BGCG said...

Sounds like hes had some great birthday parties so far! I love bounce houses! SO much fun!

MamaB said...

Happy Birthday Z!!! Sounds like some awesome parties! What a darling to tell you Thank You, so sweet! I'm so glad to see you blogging again I have missed the updates. Take care!

Mommy Lisa said...

How WONDERFUL. I need to let Boo Boo help this year.

Annie said...

Lots of fun!!

Happy Birthday Z!!!

Mom said...

Happy Birthday to our favorite 4 year old!

Neene and ChiChi

Connie W said...

Happy Birthday Z!

My kids love the bounce house!

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