Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Making My Own Sunscreen

This winter I got it in my head that a fun summer project would be to make our own sunscreen.  The sunscreen we use is pretty pricey so this seemed like a fun and cost effective project. I ordered the materials from Made-On in the winter and also bought Made-On's copy of My Buttered Life Summer Edition which contained the recipe.  And there everything sat, waiting for the summer to start.

Well the summer started with a bang and "Make Sunscreen" continued to appear on my to-do list week after week and was never crossed off.  Lil'C kept asking, "We make sunscreen today Mama?"  And time after time the answer would be "Not Today".  Finally before we left for Maine we were running low on our sunscreen and I decided I had waited long enough.  Lil'C and I got out the ingredients, the recipe and went to work.  It ended up being really easy and we had a lot of fun mixing everything together.
So how does it work??  It works great, probably like an SPF 30.  It is a bit thick so it does take some time to rub it all in but once you do you can't see it.  It is also not waterproof, so it is important to reapply (but you should reapply regular sunscreen after the water too).  I love that I know what every single ingredient is and that it is cheaper than our California Baby sunscreen.  Definitely something that I will continue to make in the future.


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Great Idea!

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