Monday, September 9, 2013

When at the lake....

This post was a group effort.  I want to thank my sisters Kristen and Laura, my mom and the youngest kids for their contributions.

When at the is perfectly acceptable, and expected, to forget what day of the week it is.

When at the lake....the kids know that when mommy has her wine glass it must be 5pm, which means time for their daily show.

When at the lake...going to the country store for a pickle and some candy can pass for "grocery shopping". 

When at the lake...."where I build fairy houses, ride on Uncle Marc's boat and make what's their names?"

When at the lake...when someone asks you what time it is, you look up at the sun and guess.

When at the lake.....getting dressed for the day means putting on clothes that you just might wear to bed that night.

When at the lake.....the only thing on the to-do list is swim and maybe make meals for the kids.

When at the lake....."where I go fishing with my dad and jump into water"

When at the lake...if someone says they are going to wash up, that means they are going to go for a swim. (ahem)

When at the lake...going for morning coffee means walking to the next cottage that actually has coffee.  

When at the lake....where it is perfectly suitable for a grown adult to act 16 again, or age 5 in the case of our crazy Old School Memory Games.

When at the lake...going out for breakfast means checking out which of the neighbors is making pancakes that morning.  

When at the lake...where bed head or wearing a hat is the fashionable way to go.


Anonymous said...

ahhh, i want to go back! So excited for this weekend :) :)

Auntie K

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