Tuesday, March 3, 2009

All I Want for Christmas is My One Front Tooth....

Let's hope that Z is not singing that song next Christmas!....after all he is only 2 1/2!!! Two weeks ago, my precious (and clumsy) son was jumping on his trampoline that he got for Christmas. I said to him, "Z please hold on to the bar or you will fall." He responded with, "Mommy me fall off and get hurt?" No sooner had he gotten the words out of his mouth but he fell and his two front teeth came down hard on the handle bar! They came down so hard that he bit through the foam handle and had paint from the metal on his tooth :(

There was blood everywhere!! I do not handle things with the mouth very well so I grabbed Z, a towel, boo boo bear (ice pack) and the phone. S had left about 20 minutes before and so he quickly turned around and rushed home. I sat Z down in front of the the TV and tried to get the bleeding to stop. It was very difficult to look into his mouth because he wanted to be held. So I did the only thing a mother could do.....I sobbed along with him (okay, not the smartest thing I have ever done but I felt so bad!).

S came in to find us sitting on the floor together (didn't want blood on the furniture). He tried to look into Z's mouth but he kept pulling away. The bleeding had not stopped and a tiny piece of his tooth (very tiny) was missing. S grabbed the phone and called the dentist and we were in the office an hour later.

Z hates the dentist (about as much as he hates the hairdresser and doctor) and screamed the whole visit. We pinned him down on top of S and the dentist got a good look at his tooth. He told us that it didn't appear to be loose (a good thing) but there was a very good chance that the tooth would change colors or get infected and have to come out. He put Z on a soft food diet for a week and told us he would see us in two weeks (Z's regular cleaning).

We just had his two week appointment this past weekend....the tooth is still not loose but it is gray! The doctor said that it is still too early to tell if the tooth will change back to white or if it will get worse and need to come out :( We have to continue to monitor it. I know it isn't the end of the world, it is just a baby tooth but I hate everything that has to do with the mouth! I can't imagine Z having to have his tooth removed???? They will have to sedate him (there is no other way to do it) and I will feel so guilty...it was my idea to get the stupid trampoline (which he still uses multiple times a day).

So keep your fingers crossed that Z's tooth changes back to white! Because it will be a long 4 years without his front tooth :(


A Buns Life said...

Poor thing!! Olivia had a similar incident last year, (I blogged about it!) and while hers didn't turn gray, enough was chipped off, she had to get a crown or cap or whatever they call it put on it. I bawled too, I know just how you feel!!

Michelle said...

Hi, I am sorry. I can tell you from experience that you really need to watch his other teeth too. Faith got a pair of knees in the mouth from a swinging child at 2. We went through what you did and I sat and cried with her too. It was awful. Her front teeth actually got knocked back and they had to pull them forward. One turned gray. It had to come out about a year later. Then when she was 4 2 others got abscessed and they had to come out too. She had no teeth in front from 4 to 6 1/2 but i have to say I LOVED that toothless smile.

When we had them pulled I was nervous about them pulling them. We went to Children's Hospital in Boston (they have dental care right there) and they pulled them WITHOUT SEDATION! They gave her some laughing gas and she was perfectly fine through the whole thing.

E-mail me if you want more information.

I am praying for you and Z. miss you. {{{HUGS}}}

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