Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Half Birthday Z :)

Z turned 2 1/2 today! I know it may be strange but half birthdays are a BIG deal in my life ;) You see, I have a summer birthday which can be both a blessing and a curse :) Year after year in elementary school I watched children bring in treats on their birthdays and wished that I had a birthday during the school year so that I could do the same. One year we had a teacher who celebrated all of the summer birthdays on one day but for the most part, the summer birthdays were often forgotten :(

Eventually I discovered my 1/2 birthday and encouraged my mom to celebrate it with me (I share a birthday with my mom and my late maternal grandfather) . She didn't make too much of a big deal about the day but would wish me a 1/2 birthday and I might get a special dinner or a treat. Scott now tries to at least remember to wish me a "Happy 1/2 Birthday", although he sometimes needs reminding.

When I became a teacher, I vowed to make sure that all of my summer birthday children felt special. I sent home a note at the beginning of the year and let them all know that we would be celebrating their 1/2 birthdays and that they would have the option to bring in treats on that day. I also made sure that the children who shared birthdays had their own celebrations, so we would celebrate those children on different days. Birthdays were a big deal in my class....we sang a special song (in a special voice), ate special treats, had a small party and the birthday child got a special gift.

Because I taught at a year round school (early September- late July)....I actually got to celebrate my birthday during the school year! That first birthday was was during our field trip to the local park and my students brought in cupcakes, juice, balloons, gifts and many of their parents were there to celebrate with us. I was so touched by this wonderful first school birthday (and I was 25) was AWESOME!

So now it is Z's first 1/2 birthday. I don't plan on making a big deal about 1/2 birthdays until my children turn 2 1/2 :) I have made Z a 1/2 birthday cake (it is really 1/2 of a cake), we will sing to him during his special dinner and he will get his Thomas of the Month item at his "1/2 birthday party". I hope to make this a fun tradition with all of my children. I believe it is important to find reasons to celebrate everyday!!


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Happy 1/2 birthday Z! I think 1/2 birthdays are wonderful idea. I have been trying to do it for the boys for years and just never got around to it. B shares his birthday with Thanksgiving (actually on this day this year) and poor T has his birthday 2 weeks after Christmas when we are broke and he got all the good gifts for Christmas. I think I may just have to "borrow" your idea for real this year! :)

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