Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's March Madness

Last night my dad and I had Z fill out his first NCAA basketball bracket. He LOVES basketball and I thought it would be fun to see how he does with his picks. We would give him the two names of the teams competing (BYU or Texas A&M) and he would choose a team. When he did not give an answer we would go with, "Which letter do you like better B or T?" It took awhile but he made it through the entire bracket.

I just checked and some of his key teams have been eliminated (he tended to pick the underdog) but I thought I would share his final four (all still possible). Many people looked to President Obama's bracket when they made their choices....maybe Z will help to inspire some of you last minute folks with your brackets :)

Z's Final Four


Z's Final Two

(Z loves the letter M)

with Marquette winning it all :)


A Buns Life said...

That is so cute!! Jake is OBSESSED with his bracket and unfortunately many games are ending around the late end of he "HAS" to stay up even later to see who wins to he can mark his bracket. sigh.

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