Friday, May 15, 2009


I have been feeling better over the last few weeks (have actually been off of my medication for the past 4 days) and this means that my appetite has come back. With this new appetite, I am enjoying the world of pregnancy cravings! It amazes me that I will crave something one day and then find it repulsive the next. When I was pregnant with Z, I could not get enough mashed potatoes. This craving lasted for three months and then I couldn't go near them for the rest of my pregnancy. My other big craving with Z was chicken. I know this might not sound strange but I had not had chicken for 10 years when I was pregnant with Z. I had always told myself that while I was pregnant I would eat white meat and when my mother in-law brought wings to the house one day in my first trimester...I devoured them! This time around chicken repulses me (unless it is mixed in a sauce). Go figure ;) Maybe I will give red meat a shot (haven't had that since I was 16!).

During pregnancy I allow myself to do three things that I don't ordinary allow myself to do. They are: spend time each day with my feet up, not feel guilty over not exercising as much as I should (or at all) and giving into cravings. I try my best to eat a well balanced and healthy diet but pregnancy is the only time I don't allow myself to feel guilty over eating things that I would normally stay away from.

So my cravings this time around have been pickles (traditional), Chicken Chow Mein with crunchy noodles, goat cheese, Portuguese Sweet Bread (still haven't found any of this), root beer, Kellog's Raisin Bran and Pizza Combos. Today I REALLY wanted potato chips and French onion dip. When I went to the grocery store to pick up things for tonights dinner, I was on a mission to find the best dip. As I was walking toward the dairy case I heard this little angelic voice say, "Miss, would you like to try some chips and dip?" Was she kidding??? Was she sent from heaven??? Of course I said yes, grabbed Z's hand and ran over to her free sample station. I told her all about my craving and she smiled and gave me 3 coupons. I just finished up my good.....and I hope that I still like it tomorrow because I bought a lot of it!


Connie Weiss said...

I love pregnancy cravings! I always wanted French Dip and Orange Soda but not together but that sounds really gross! I also couldn't stand coffee or soda with my boy but I could eat anything with Mallory.

Raising Z said...

Okay Connie now I want Orange Soda ;)

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