Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer Adventures

Every year, for the past 5 years, S and I have made a list of special things that we have wanted to do over the summer. We find that summer flies by in a tornado of craziness and before you know it, the leaves are changing colors. These lists have helped us to make sure that we make the most out of our short New England summers. Here is how we did with last years list.

A few weeks ago my friend Cl took Z and I on an "Adventure" with her two boys. When she takes her sons on an adventure, the boys have no idea where they are going or who they are going with (this way if plans need to change, they are not disappointed). It was so much fun to participate in the excitement of their adventure (we went to a train shop with a huge model train) and so Z and I have started going on "Adventures" of our own. He LOVES them :) Thanks Cl!

So in honor of Summer 2009, S and I have split our plans up into three categories of "Adventures". The first category contains Summer Adventures with Z during the week (maybe with friends, his cousin or his Neene), the second is filled with Family Weekend Adventures and the third is our Home Improvement Adventures (things to do before the baby comes or the weather turns).

So here is our Summer Adventure list :)

Adventures With Z
1. Space Adventure--trip to the Planetarium
2. Fish Adventure--trip to the local Fish Ladder
3. "Moo" Adventure--a visit to the local farm
4. Wet and Wild Adventure--a visit to a splash park
5. Periwinkle Adventure--tide pooling
6. Curious George Adventure--a trip to the zoo
7. Sun and Sand Adventure--a trip to the lake to build castles and swim
8. Movie Adventure--a trip to see the latest Kidtoon Film
9. "Play Ball" Adventure--a trip to see our local AA baseball team

Family Adventures
1. Fantasy Weekend Adventure--a trip to the local children's Amusement Park and a ride on Thomas the Train :)
2. Ocean Adventure--a trip to our favorite beach for a picnic
3. Fish are Yummy Adventure--a pilgrimage to our favorite spot for clam cakes and CHOWDAH!
4. "Ahoy There Matey" Adventure--a boat trip with a cannon blast
5. Putt Putt Adventure--a game of mini golf
6. Quack, Quack Adventure--a trip to the Boston Public Garden to follow the path of Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack and Quack
7. Oooh, Aahh Adventure--a trip to see Fireworks
8. "Fore" Adventure--a trip to the driving range
9. "Farmer Z" Adventure--Z would like his own carrot garden like Curious George
10. Lazy Days of Summer Adventure--3 weeks at the lake :)

Home Improvement Adventures
1. Finally finish Master Bathroom (we are soooo close)
2. New flooring in our Kitchen and Dining room to fix the damage of our indoor flood
3. Work on our new front landscape
4. Building our new laundry room in the basement
5. Remodel downstairs bath
6. Get Nursery ready
7. Paint front of house and deck

And as always we will be playing the summer license plate game! I have been playing this since I was a small child. It is really easy....from Memorial Day-Labor Day you try to find as many license plates from the 50 states as you year I had 47 (including Hawaii!)

I highly recommend putting together your own Summer Adventure list. We find that our list helps us to make the most out of our summer and helps us to create so many wonderful summer memories! The summer countdown has begun :)


Connie Weiss said...

Another great idea! I've been working on our list but I need to get back to it and complete it. So much to pu in our Passports!

Mom said...

Which of the Summer Adventures do I get to partake in? They all sound go to me.

Neene (Mom)

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