Monday, February 22, 2010

"I Need A Super Wal-Mart NOW!!"

These words were moaned to S at his parents house early Saturday morning (4:30 AM to be exact).  We had come down a night early for the big birthday because Z was chomping at the bit to see his grandparents.  My Friday night plans had been canceled due to the fact that C won't take a bottle so S and I decided to make Z's wish come true. 

I had 45 minutes to pack up two kids and all of our stuff for the weekend and get to S's office before rush hour.  In my rush to get out the door I forgot my breast pump.  Now ordinarily this would not be a big deal but while C has been sick she has not been eating as much and so it has been necessary to pump to relieve the discomfort and keep up my supply.

I woke up at 4:30 in the morning completely soaked and in so much pain....C had been up coughing every hour but had eaten so little.  I needed relief and so S ran to get his blackberry to search for the closest Super Wal-Mart.  There was one only 25 minutes away and so we bundled C up and snuck out of the house.  The world was still asleep and it was kind of nice to be out and about.  We got drinks, chatted and hit Wal-Mart all before the sun came up :)  I pumped right there in the parking lot with my new unsterilized hand pump.  4.5 oz of liquid gold were tossed out :( but I felt so much better! 

The rest of the weekend was spent visiting with family and friends and of course the 60th birthday celebration.  Z went to the indoor driving range for the first time, watched movies with his auntie and had his usual walk with Grandpa.  S and I had another early morning jaunt on Sunday...this time it was a little later (6:30 AM) but my back could no longer stand their wicker rocker and the baby needed sleep.  We once again stopped for drinks but this time instead of going to Super Wal-Mart, we headed to the ocean :)  We visited the harbor and then drove along the coast.  The world was once again asleep and S and I enjoyed another quiet moment.  It was wonderful :)  I hope you all had a nice weekend.

C with her great grandparents and Auntie J


Alice in Wonderland said...

I love going for a little walk in the middle of the night! It is like walking in a parallel universe...everything is quiet, and not at all like it is during the day.
It's like if you make a sound, all the magic will vanish!
Hope Lil' C is feeling better!

Mommy Lisa said...

AWESOME. Sounds like fun.

Annie said...

Sounds like a great weekend.

Have a nice week.

Connie Weiss said...

What a fun weekend! I love going to WalMart early!

C is beautiful!!

I am Lee-Ann... said...

Hehe...super walmart and breast pumps, awesome! You could always try a hot shower and letting the milk flow in there, that has helped me many times. :o)

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