Saturday, September 18, 2010

Growing Up

Lil' C is in the beginning stages of walking and so I have been desperately trying to capture it on film.  I have wonderful footage of Z taking his first steps and every time I go to film Lil' C she either falls and starts crawling or Z gets in front of the camera and tries to steal the show :)  Last night I decided to show Z his movie in hopes that he would be more understanding when it comes to filming Lil' C during this major milestone. 

While we watched the video, I began to tear up.  Z asked what was wrong and I tried to explain to him that I was a little sad because my babies were growing up.  Z will be four at the end of this month and C is one month away from turning one!!!  This fact has had me emotional for a few weeks now but seeing the video of Z as a was just too much for me. 

Z came and patted my back and said,

"It's okay Mommy but you can't change us back.  We are suppose to grow up." 

Hearing these wise words come out of my almost four year old made me cry even harder.  It is true, they are suppose to grow up and I can't make them babies again....I just wish that we could press the pause button for awhile and truly enjoy the present.


Annie said...

No way, she is walking. OMG!!!

God bless you and your beautiful family.

jen said...

i totally need a pause button. let me know if you find one.

Nicolasa said...

Aww! Z is such a sweetie! Way to go C!

Shelly said...

Your post makes me tear up because I am in the exact same place and feeling the exact same way right now. But boy, your Z is a wise little one!

Mom said...

When I got home from the Lake today, I decided to go through the baby books to check on dates when you and your sisters had your firsts. It was so neat to remember...and so sad to know that those days are gone. (just a few tears)
I never found the "pause button" but have enjoyed every one to the "firsts, seconds and thirds" you all have taken over the past 33 years.
Now, Dad and I get to celebrate the firsts with our four grandchildren. Not that I am wishing grandchildren on you girls, but being a grandparent is sort of like a "slow motion" button. We get to enjoy all those firsts we were too busy to enjoy when you were little, being on the front lines. Now we can enjoy and savor every first the grandbabies take!

Connie W said...

They are supposed to grow up....I just don't think it's supposed to happen so fast.

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