Wednesday, December 3, 2008

And So the Honesty Begins...

Yesterday Z and I were at the post office when we ran into a nice man from church. We said "hello" and Z kept repeating a phrase over and over. I laughed about how difficult it was to understand him sometimes and then we said "good-bye". As we were walking away, Z continued to repeat the phrase and pointed to the nice man from church. I then realize what he was saying..... "That's an old man". I couldn't help but laugh (I know, the wrong response). I immediately called S to tell him about this and we both wondered where he had heard the expression "old man". Maybe his grandpa J had said it over the weekend? We have no idea!

In the next store, we were checking out when Z started up again. He looked at the cashier and said, "Your a big man" over and over. I looked closely at the man and realized he was very tall and thin and said to Z, "Yes he is a tall man." The man did not even smile and I realized that Z was now unintentionally insulting people.

What to do? You want to foster this new classification skill, yet need to teach them to keep these people observations to themselves. I am open to any advice :)


Michelle said...

Learn to push your carriage very fast and occupy them as best you can!!! I remember this age and the next phase...oh my. Faith would say "are you a boy or a girl?"...lets face it some are hard to tell or "Ewwww that lady is uuuugly?" or "hey mom, that lady is fat"....Yes it gets worse. While you are happy they are learning new skills these skills can be very offensive. I did my best to try and teach them manners while it was in progress but really....changing the subject and pushing the carriage fast was the best way to get through it then talk about it in the car on the way home. Good luck!

Michelle said...

Once in the check out line, my son commented to my husband-my son was 4 at the time:
'Hey dad remember yesterday when you put that thing in my butt - it hurt.'
*my son was sick and needed an enamma(sp?) per the doctor.
My husband was MORTIFIED. He tried to explain the situation to the check out lady, but the damage was done.
I just shake my head and laugh.

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