Monday, December 8, 2008

He Did It!!!

I want to start off this post by son is AMAZING! Not only did he steal the show in his little black velvet sailor suit....he made it almost all the way down the aisle by HIMSELF. He was the last person to go down (before the bride) and he stood at the back of the church in shock. Despite the hundreds of eyes looking at him, he started off, pulling his little wagon down the aisle. He stopped to "fix" a wheel (he thought it was stuck) and then had a hard time getting back up to continue his journey. S went down to help him and he pulled his wagon very quickly down the aisle. It was adorable and I sobbed (as did many people) through the entire thing. It was sooooo cute.

The whole wedding weekend was a blast. My mom and dad were so helpful and I am so appreciate of all of the work that they did (my mom did the most). Z was well cared for and had so much fun with Chi Chi and Neene! My mom brought Z back to the hotel alone and managed to get the luggage and Z safely inside. Dad then drove S and I back to the hotel :) Thank you so much mom (and dad)!!!

S and I had a great time attending the rehearsal alone and even got to go out on a date after the dinner :) Saturday was a blur of hair, make-up, getting dressed up and then pictures. I am a very simple person. I have naturally curly hair and don't wear any make-up. The only reason I own make-up is because of my wedding. When the hairdresser asked me what I wanted...I told her about my typical wedding look. I always have my hair half up and then the rest of my hair curled to help with the curl that is already there. When the hairdresser asked to straighten my hair before she curled it...I was a bit worried.

It took 90 minutes (I have a ton of hair) but this was the first time that anyone was able to successfully straighten my hair!!! I looked like a different person, people kept mistaking me for my sister (that is a good thing). I felt like I had been on a make-over show (did I mention that I also had my nails and my first spray tan spray tans!!!) and loved the many compliments I received on this new look. Unfortunately, I do not have 90 minutes everyday to straighten my hair (or the ability to do so) but I told S that if we ever come into big money...I am going to hire her to do my hair once a week and then have the make up artist do my make up.

The only problem with this new look was that my son did not know me! He saw me in the church and called me "Auntie Water" (my sister) and then after the ceremony everyone was trying to convince him that I was his momma but he kept calling me "Auntie Water". It wasn't until about 20 minutes into the reception that I held him and talked with him that he finally realized who I was. It was soooo weird!

The whole event was wonderful and I want to thank my sister in-law for including us. She and her mother are probably the only people who could pull off an ocean themed wedding at Christmas time. It was amazing! No details were left undone and everyone was so impressed. A and A...I hope you are having a wonderful time on your honeymoon! We love you!!!

I am searching for some better pictures of Z. For now...this is all I have. Sorry for the quality but we are trying to protect our identities :)


Michelle said...

How cute!
He looks adorable.
*Once my sister cut all of her hair off and her two kids thought I was their mom. It took them a good 1/2 hour to realize that the lady with short hair was their mom. It was a weird experience....
Me and my sister look a lot alike, but we never thought for one moment that our kids would not recognize us.
Glad you got a date night!

Michelle said...

He is just precious!!! As for you can get that look...which can last up to 3 days for $21.99 and an hour of time. My hair is curlier than yours and down to my waist. It takes me about an hour to flat iron but it saves me so much time during the week. If you want to know the trick to easy, manageable, straight hair....e-mail me. You won't regret it I promise! :)

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