Monday, December 1, 2008

A Great Weekend!

This past weekend was so jammed packed with family, fun and is hard to put it all into one blog post. So I decided to give you the top 8 highlights of our Thanksgiving weekend :)

1. I not only made it through my four mile (uphill) race but did okay :) My future brother in-law didn't make it to the race due to the fact that he was in the ER getting stitches from his 6AM Alumni hockey game (he got a puck right between the eye...which will make for great wedding photos in a month!) but I managed without him.

2. My husband, other brother in-law and dad came in 3rd in the traditional golf tournament they play on Thanksgiving. This brought them so much joy and excitement caused them all to be in bed by 8pm on Thanksgiving night ;)

3. My mother cooked a wonderful meal and we had a great time sharing it with my uncle, aunt and cousin. I was most thankful that Z slept through dinner and S and I were able to really enjoy ourselves!

4. Our visit on Thanksgiving night to see my Noni was nice. She was talkative and in a fairly good mood. My uncle left Christmas music playing for her in her room and I went out and got her some twinkle lights for her window. It really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas there.

5. I was able to leave my mother's home with some Christmas Cheer and then went on to do the same at my mother in-laws. I know they both really appreciated the effort I went to.

6. S, Z and I had a nice time decorating our tree. We had music playing, egg nog to sip and Z only broke one ornament. It was fun to see his excitment about all of our decorations.

7. I had a wonderful pre-bachelorette dinner with my two sister in-laws on Saturday night. My youngest sister in-law gets married in less than a week and we had so much fun talking about our men, the wedding and other fun stories. The food was delicious, the wine was perfect and I am so lucky to have them both in my life!

8. Z loves his grandparents so much. He not only got to spend two days with Neene and Chi Chi but then two days with Mimi and Grandpa Jeff. The child was on cloud nine with all of the attention, donuts, pancakes, walks, dancing, playing with trains and most importantly...all the love! It was a perfect weekend for him.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We have a crazy week ahead and then our first wedding of the season (my sister's is after New Years). I am looking forward to it all :)


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