Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our Special Valentines Day

S decided to keep our Valentines Day plans a surprise this year :) Early Saturday morning, we headed to his parents house to visit and so that they could watch Z. About 7pm we took off for our special date. As we drove, I kept guessing where we might end up but I never EVER imagined that we would end up at the small Irish Pub that we had our first date at over 10 years ago! It was perfect :)

S's mom had made us a reservation (even though you really don't need one at this place) but we were 3o minutes early (we were anxious to get out). They sat us at an available booth and then S told them they could cross our name off the reservation list. When they realized that we had had a reservation, they told us we could move to a cozier table back by the fire. I said that would be lovely because that is where we had our first date 10 years ago :) They thought that was the greatest!

We ordered our wine and an appetizer and just reminisced about that first date. It was fun to think about our college days and to reflect upon all that has happened since that first dinner at the pub. We decided that we would dine at the pub every 10 years (hopefully it will still be around). After dinner we met up with his sister and her husband at a swanky little bistro. We had dessert and more wine (oh the wine.....too much wine).....it was fun to catch up with them.

I spent the rest of the long weekend on the couch, sick as a dog! My cold finally caught up to me and knocked me off my feet (the hangover didn't help on Sunday). S did everything for Z and allowed me to rest and get better....I am so appreciative of that!

I am so very lucky to have S as my husband. He is the most caring, thoughtful and kind person I know. We have so much fun together and laugh all of the time. I love him more and more each day and so appreciate all that he does for Z and I. Thanks for being my Valentine S :)


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