Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Where Did Mommy Go???

Z: "Mom, Mom......Mom......MOM"

My Inner dialogue: No this can't be happening...where did he hear that word? I am Mommy....I was okay giving up Momma but not Mommy. Maybe if I don't answer him he will stop using that horrible word!

Z: "
Mom....Are you Mom?....Milk MOM.......MOOOOOMMMMM!"

My Inner dialogue: Make it stop...oh please make it stop

Z: "There are you Mom. More Milk please"

Me: "Yes Z, Mommy will get you some more milk. Mommy appreciates that you asked so nicely. Mommy loves you."

Z: after he had his milk "Thanks Mom, See you Later"

Me: a tear ran down my face....where did Mommy go???


Mom said...

It will come back. You still use it sometimes (when you want something).

Michelle said...

I promise you it will come back. I am still mommy to my youngest 3! Stay strong. I know it's hard but just keep saying "mommy". It will come back.

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