Friday, February 20, 2009

Z's First Movie

I took Z to the movie theater for the first time this week and it was great! A friend emailed me to let me know that Bob the Builder was on the big screen all month long (she knew what a big fan Z is) and I knew that this was the perfect opportunity to introduce Z to the movies. The show was at 11 AM and so we headed to our local pharmacy to stock up on treats beforehand (yes I am going to be one of those mothers who hides snacks in her purse...especially at those movie prices!). Z picked out potato chips and gummy bears to share, a classic combo :)

We arrived at the theater a little early and bought our $3.50 tickets (a bargain). Our theater was way in the back (I guess they don't want children to disrupt the other patrons) and as we walked I could feel Z's anticipation building. I imagined him saying to himself, "Where are we? What is that good smell? Why is it so dark? This carpet is crazy". As we walked into the theater, Z's eyes were as wide as saucers. I had told him that Bob was going to be on a big screen but I don't know if he could have ever imagined a screen that big. He clutched me in fear of this new experience and we rounded the corner to find our seats.

The theater was stadium style and for the first time in my life....I could sit anywhere I wanted! There was NOBODY there :) In fact for the first 30 minutes we were all alone (a mother and son came in at one point) and it was so cool! The movie started with some short segments from PBS kids which included a Thomas the Tank episode! Z was in movie heaven....Thomas and Bob both up on the big screen!!! It was wonderful.

Bob is showing all month long as a part of the nation wide program Kidtoon Films. Local movie theaters show children's programing, approved by "Dr. Donna" an educator with her PhD. This was a wonderful first movie experience and so worth our $7.00....the programing was appropriate and the time was just right (80 minutes). For all you Barbie fans...there is a Barbie movie coming in March....check out their website for more info and for a theater near you. Z and I highly recommend you trying it out :) We think we will skip the movie for March but can't wait to see what is playing in April!


Anonymous said...

thank you for posting this. i still have yet to take my kids to a movie (4 and 2 yrs) and i look forward to this experience. and, it's playing so close! both my kids will love this, we may even go tomorrow.
-kara (jen's friend)
:) have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

we went to the movies! my kids loved it. i never would have known about this, had you not posted. thanks again!

Raising Z said...

I'm glad they liked it :) Looking forward to meeting you someday!

Leanne said...

It's great that you had such a good time. We had a family movie night this weekend too, but it was Inkheart. Still, all my trio enjoyed it and trying to find a movie they ALL like is a challenge and then some so $100 later, I'm happy....and broke.

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