Saturday, August 30, 2008

Summer Reflection

At the beginning of the summer S and I made a list of the things we wanted to do for summer fun. Here was our list:

-go to an amusement park (did this)
-go to Story Land in NH (never happened)
-beach in Maine (not yet but hopefully in September)
-clam cakes and chowdah (yup..did this)
-go to a beach in Massachusetts (did this)
-water slides (haven't done this but I am the only one who really wants to)
-Lobstah Dinner (yes for my birthday)
-Rhode Island Beach (yes did this)
-Fireworks (not really, we saw amateur on the 4th)
-Mini Golf (yup)
-go out for Breakfast (not yet but we can do this in Sept)
-visit S's Parents and go to the beach and pick blueberries (yup)

It looks like we did about half of the things on the list :) Not bad and I believe that in September we will be able to complete a few more. Over all I think it was a great summer. Z and I packed in a lot of fun activities and also had some great down time ;) Once again, the weather could have been better but I feel we made the best of it. Here are some highlight photos from the summer :) Now it is time for my favorite season of all!!!


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