Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blog for a Cure--A Huge Blog Party!!

I know the economy is not great and that money in a lot of houses (especially the houses of the SAHM's) is tight. But here is a fun way to make friends, win prizes and help a good cause. The great thing is, it only costs a dollar (or more if you choose to donate more).

This blog party (and the marathon) is being run by Lani, a mother of 22 month old triplets. She lives in Florida and is training for a marathon to help raise money for a close family member of hers. This family member is a young healthy mother with a beautiful daughter.

Check out Lani's review site for more information and help her team reach their goal.


Sharon said...

Hello Z's mama! What a neat place you have here!

My sister (and best friend) is a first grade teacher and I think she's awesome. Looks like you guys would have a lot in common!

Glad to be united in the cause to find a cure!

DakerMom said...

I really like this idea! I got started on it yesterday. Glad to see more people are still adding on to get the word out!!

Flory said...

Hi Z's mom! I am taking part in the blog for a cure. It is a great idea!

Thanks for the follow. Following back.:) I'll be back to read some more - gotta pay some bills.

Sarah Brown said...

This is where I found you! I am now a follower..hope you come by and become one of mine=)

I am also a former teacher...now staying home with my two kiddos=)

Alice in Wonderland said...

Just popped over from Mesina, at And Then There Was Me, to say a big Hi!
I fully understand your cause, my brother died of Leukaemia after only being ill for four months, so I decided to train for The Great North Run, here in England, but while I was out running, I slipped and broke my ankle! At least I have proven that I can't talk and run backwards at the same time! Now, some of my friends and I are planning on having our heads shaved for Children In Need, which is a charity for children with Leukaemia, and have gone through all the chemo and pain of this disease.This will happen in November!!!! Just in time for Winter, so ideas for warm hats would be welcome!
Stop by and visit my blog. I write poetry mainly aimed at kids, but hey, we all have a kid in us somewhere, so let it out!
Big Hugs!

Alicia said...

what a neat idea! i'm off to go check her out!

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