Monday, November 15, 2010

A New Day

On this gloomy Monday morning, I have decided to hit the pause button and reflect upon the chaotic morning that just occurred.  S was busy and distracted trying to get out the door for work, Z was up an hour early, extremely whiny and chatty and unable to go to school because of the chance of rain (he can't get his cast wet and thus is not allowed to go if it might be damp...silly school!!!) and Lil C (who has been getting up almost 2 hours earlier than normal) would not stop crying....this was all too much for this sleep deprived momma!  It was not one of my finer mornings.....this I can admit.

Now that it is over and C is down for her nap and Z is taking a 30 minute TV break....I can catch my breath and start anew.  I know that my children and husband feed off of my mood and energy (as I do theirs) and it is important to go into the rest of the day with an upbeat and positive attitude.  It would be easy to fall into the sadness that so badly wants to consume aunt passed away a week ago and the fact that she is gone is just starting to sink in.  The holidays are coming and I am trying so hard to stay upbeat for Z's sake but my heart is just not in it.  We have decided to "skip" Christmas on S's side of the is just too painful with the loss of his sister....but Z and Lil' C need to have a holiday just like every other.  They need S and I too put aside our feelings of sadness and enjoy the countdown to Thanksgiving and then Christmas (oh and Z getting his cast off which is in ONE week!!!). 

So it is now that I will make the choice to pick my head up, forget the crazy morning that just occured and move ahead and celebrate all of the wonderful in my life.  I am healthy, blessed with two little cherubs to love, have a very helpful and supportive husband and a loving family who are always there when I need them.  Who could ask for anything more??

I hope that this is the last gloomy post for awhile.....Unfortunately all of the light stuff has been landing on my Facebook Page (yes I signed back up) and this has been an outlet for my true feelings.  I promise to share the lighter stuff very soon!!

Happy Monday!

These are my sister in-laws beautiful Dahlia's

You can't help but smile (cry with happy tears) over this video :)


Connie said...

I'm so sorry!

It's going to be hard but I bet making Christmas for your family will help you get into the spirit.

Thinking of you!

MamaB said...

I am also thinking of you! It has been five years since I lost my Dad and with the loss of Don's Stepmom Nancy it will definately be a more somber holiday season. I hope good tidings come to all those you love. Your in my thoughts!

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