Thursday, November 18, 2010

Z isms....

Kids say the darndest things and I want to take a few minutes to record some of Z's most recent comments :)

First let me record Lil C's:

"Daaaawwwddy,  Daaaaawwwwddy, Daaaaawwwwddy"  she says this all day everyday
"Mamma!!!!!!!!!!!"  she says this when she is screaming and upset
"Chi Chi" she says this when she sees my dad.
"sh ba da la ma na ra da ra da da ra"  this is her daily babble

Z isms

"Z would you like a grilled cheese?  Lil C and and I are enjoying one."
"No thank you they have a boy cheese sandwich?"

While listening to "All I want for Christmas" by Maria Carey Zachary looked at me very puzzled and said, "Mommy, who is this lady and why does she want me for Christmas?"

While driving home in the carpool the other day, Z turned to his friend Abbey and said, "That's a crack house over there.  Yup a crack house.  See the crack house!"  My friend Kacie was trying not to laugh in the front and wondered what Z and I talk about on our rides too and from school when he then said, "and there is a stone house, and there is a white house....."  :)

Z was playing with my dad and was pretending to be a dinosaur looking for spiders.  He would catch pretend spiders for my dad and say, "here is a red one, it smells like apples".  Then he gave my dad a blue one and my dad asked him what the blue one smelled like and Z said "Uranus! (Your Anus)"   My dad decided not to eat that one :)


Mommy Lisa said...

Nice. :)

Shane D. said...

I'm sitting at the computer and smiling. Those were fantastic. Boy cheese sandwich get me laughing. :-)

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