Saturday, May 21, 2011

A "Night Adventure" With Daddy :)

Yesterday afternoon we met S in Boston (where he works) for a "Night Adventure" as Z called it.  We went to the Children's Museum and had the BEST time.  The four of us played for awhile and then had a picnic dinner out in front of the museum.  After not seeing S all week, this was a fun way to reconnect. 

Z was soooooo excited to be going into Boston and he did not stop jumping up and down the entire visit.  As soon as we could see the skyline from the highway Z yelled out, "Hello Boston, Here we Come!"  Lil' C was also excited to be let free in the Children's museum, she had a blast!   As we were getting ready to leave the parking garage Z ran to the side, looked down below and said, "Good Night Boston, Thanks for a great time!"  I don't know where he gets it :)  We will definitely do this again (especially since it is free to get in with our passes)!!


Raising Z said...

There are a lot more pictures of Lil' C because we split up for a bit so she could go in the 0-3 room and then we couldn't find Daddy and Z ;)

Connie said...

Once a month....we go to The City and have lunch with iKeith. The kids love to visit him at work for a few minutes and then we walk to a restaurant.

I want to visit Boston SOOOO badly!

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