Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not Keeping Up With the Jones'

I've said it before and I'll say it again, our house is not the best manicured lawn in town.  We are not out there every day working at our lawn and we do not have the money to pay others to do that for us.  We do not like the idea of using too many chemicals and we really are okay with the dandelions and other pretty weeds that creep up on the lawn.  We try to keep up with the mowing and did have our landscape redone two years ago, so our house isn't AWFUL, just not perfect.

Up until a few weeks ago, half of our front lawn was a barren wasteland.  Crabgrass had taken over the year before and killed off half of the front and back lawn.  We would laugh whenever we looked out our front window at the brown dirt and small section of green grass.  We figured we had two choices, wait until summer for it to grow back so that our lawn would be green once again or reseed the lawn.  S chose number two.  He worked for hours raking the front lawn, reseeding it and fertilizing it.  I then went to town over two weeks and watered it, it now looks like a golf course (well at least part of it does, the old part of the lawn now looks awful ;)).  To compliment S's new lawn, I had 3 yards of mulch delivered and worked very hard on Friday and Saturday (thanks C and Mom) to spread it before the week of rain began on Saturday night.  I gave up my workout for the weekend and worked my tail off and got it all done.  Here are the photos of our new lawn.  We may not be keeping up with the Jones' but at least we are no longer the laughing stock of town (thank goodness you can't see our backyard from the road!!! ;).

Ignore the Hose box (I should have tidied up first!)

I mulched this area for the first time!  I plan on putting in some perennials.  This is our old green lawn in front of it :)

S's Lawn
House before--that brown stuff is all dead grass and nothing new grew in!
House After :)


VandyJ said...

That lawn looks awesome! What a difference.

Mommy Lisa said...


MamaB said...

Lawn looks good! And cute house too!

Lauren said...

Looks fantastic! That's a lot of work, too!

Connie said...

WOW! Look at that! You did a great job!

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