Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Break with Z and C

Even though we are "home-schooling" right now, we took a Spring Break last week, just like everyone else.  Here are some photos of the wonderful week we had.  The first batch are from a wonderful Children's Museum, the second batch is from our few days at the lake with my mom (gorgeous weather) and the last photo is of the kids planting their sunflowers for their Kiki's Garden :) 


Mommy Lisa said...

I love our Children's Museum - tell me though - is yours as expensive as ours?

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful photos! I just LOVE the ones with the lake in the background... especially the one with C. The lake view almost looks like a painting! Mimi

Connie said...

That looks like so much fun!

I need to take my kids to the Children's Museum before school gets out.

Mom said...

The season has started and we will be making wonderful memories at the Lake this spring and summer!
Love the pictures you took last week.

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