Thursday, July 19, 2012

Birthday Blessings.....

Although it was not planned, this week has turned into a bit of a Birthday Week for me :)  It has been an amazing week so far and if all goes as planned, by the time I go to sleep on Monday, I will have seen 95 percent of the people who mean the most to me in this world in just 8 days!!! How lucky is that?!?!?! 
This week has been filled with fun adventures, surprises, birthday parties, lots of snuggles with my favorite little people, family, good friends and there is so much more to come.  A day at the beach, time at the zoo, playdates with friends, a father/daughter Red Sox game, brunch with my best friend Lauren, special gifts and the most beautiful birthday card I have ever received.  This weekend will be filled with family, friends and a special friend from college I haven't seen in many years!  Then Monday I get to spend some quality time with my very close friend excited!!
This birthday week has been such a great reminder for me of how blessed I am.  I am surrounded by the most thoughtful and loving people and I thank God for them every day.  They are people who make me a better person, people who help keep me grounded, people who give me hugs for no reason, people who fill me with so much joy.....I am so incredibly lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing and inspiring people. 
Happy Birthday Mom!  Thanks for having me on your birthday and showering me with so much love and kindness.  Laura, Kristen and I love you so much and appreciate all that you do for us.  You have our vote for worlds best mother!!!


Mommy Lisa said...

How excellent!

MamaB said...

Happy Birthday to you and your Mom!!

Annie said...

Love to read that you had a great time with all of them. You deserve it!!!

Happy Birthday dear friend!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's your week with Birthday wishes and Anniversary not far behind.
Hope all was excellent.
Thinking of you,
GpJ & Mimi

Mom said...

It has been a wonderful birthday week for me also. Mostly, because I got to spend this week and last with all of my family and closest friends. Started with our "surprise" birthday dinner, a trip to the beach, a family birthday party, the zoo, and a birthday dinner with my best birthday present (you)! What more can anyone ask for. I am happy I get spend this weekend with you all. So, Happy Birthday to my first born!

Mom said...

Thanks for my key lime pie and the creme brulee!

Connie Weiss said...

Happy Birthday!!!

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