Monday, July 2, 2012

The Year of the Beach

That is what Scott has nicknamed 2012 for us...."The Year of the Beach".  We have spent a great deal of time at the beach this year already and hope to spend a lot more as the year goes on.  There is something about the ocean air and staring out at the horizon that immediately calms us both.  The days stress melts away as we dig our feet into the sand, walk along the waters edge and breathe in that fresh sea air.  Luckily our kids love the ocean as well (Z more than C) and we all dream that someday we might have a small sea shanty of our own so that we can spend longer periods of time at one of our favorite places.
Yesterday we found ourselves back at the beach.  We had hoped to go both days but work was pretty stressful on Friday/Saturday and Scott spent most of his time on the computer (up until 1:30 Friday night and 4:30 Saturday night!!)  After a yummy lunch at our favorite pizza shop, we headed to the beach.  Lil'C was once again not dressed for the weather and insisted on her long sleeves on this very hot day (87 on the Beach!!).  I finally convinced her to put on her bathing suit and the four of us enjoyed splashing in the waves.  Z had a new boogie board which he LOVED and Lil'C was giggling with each wave that crashed over her.  All 4 of us were in the cool 56 degree water and Z, Scott and I went under...BRR!!  It felt cold but wonderful on a very hot day :)
On the way home we found a new ice cream stop and daddy treated us all to an ice cream treat.  He had lost in Wii bowling the night before and so it was determined that he would buy for the winners.  It was the perfect ending to a very stressful weekend for my poor husband.  The life of a Start Up is so very busy and the stresses can get pretty high and intense. This weekend was one of the highest stresses yet....glad he managed to get in some time to relax before another crazy week.
Momma needs a new camera :(  Thankfully daddy had his phone to take pictures!!


Lee-Ann said...

Sounds amamzing! My kids would love to be able to go to the ocean. Hopefully when we are in FL in Oct. :)

Mom said...

Love that picture!!!!

I love the beach, too. Actually, any place where there is water. So, the Lake does the same for me - melts away the stress and relaxes me.

Anonymous said...

By the sea... by the sea.... by the beautiful sea... nothing like it!

Annie said...

We like to go to the beach and enjoying a fun day as a family.

Connie Weiss said...

I wish I could visit the beach that often!

I hear ya! I put my husband to bed at 6am this morning after he worked all night.

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