Monday, July 22, 2013

A Week By the Sea

We just got back from the most AMAZING week away.  We were blessed once again to win this sweet little cottage on the harbor in a silent auction.  It was so exciting to be back there again and this time Scott was with us for 6 out of the 7 days!!!
The weather was incredible for Maine....90's and sunny almost every day.  We did have one or two days in the 80's but for the most part it was hot and sunny.  We spent as much time in the water as we could and had 3 beach days and swam off the dock at the cottage at high tide every day.  It was such a relaxing and amazing trip and so nice to see our good friends Sarah and her kids, Joe and Kate and my parents even came to spend two days.

Here are our favorite things from our week by the sea:

1.  Lil'C got to see the big boot at LLBean 3 times and I so wish I had filmed her reaction the first time.  She was jumping out of her skin and people all around were stopping to watch the excitement oozing out of her.  She got a big boot cookie too and sent a big boot postcard to her Mimi!
2.  Z had 3 surfing lessons from daddy.  Oh did I mention we bought a surf board on our way to Maine?!?!  Scott has been taking lessons and finally bit the bullet and bought one.  He surfed 5 days of our vacation and watching Z learn made my week!
3.  We saw seals!!!!  Uncle Joe took us out on his boat and we got up close and personal with seals!!! It was so nice to be out on the harbor, such a great treat.
4.  My Birthday....Auntie Sarah took the kids and I out to breakfast for my birthday.  Such a great way to start the most amazing birthday I have had had in awhile.  We then visited fairy island, got Scott from the train station, had a lobster lunch and had a picnic dinner on the beach.  AWESOME DAY!
4.  Lobster and Clam Dinner (twice!!!)--We had lobster and clams on my birthday and then again with my mom and dad.  Scott cooked up an amazing feast, it was delicious.
5.  The Botanical Garden in Boothbay....The kids and I did this alone and it was beautiful.  Such a fun day!
6.  Fairy Island (aka Mackworth)--We did this solo too and made fairy houses all over the island before we had to go pick up daddy at the train station.  It was a great birthday morning and Lil'C wore her fairy wings.
7.  Relaxing by the fire, on the deck or on the dock.  We spent a lot of time relaxing which was sooooo nice.  As I said we got to see Sarah and the kids, Joe and Kate and my parents.  It was nice to spend time with family and friends in this beautiful little cottage and watch the boats go by or swim off the dock.  It was such a great week!!!


Anonymous said...

Love Maine.
Lots of fun memories.
Nothing like Maine Lobsta.
Happy to see that you got a great week.
GpJ & Mimi

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