Friday, July 5, 2013

Making Memories--A Happy 4th!

With the start of a heatwave, the 4th of July brought 90 degree temperatures.  We headed to my sisters for a BBQ/Birthday Celebration and tried to keep as cool as possible.  The kids played with their water guns, the sprinkler and then headed for a swim in the lake by her house.

After the water fun they held their own parade in 4th of July accessories given to them by Neene :)  It was super cute and they had a lot of fun marching around with instruments.  After the party we went to see Fireworks for the second time.  This firework show was a bit longer and grander than Friday nights.  It was hot and sticky in the car as we watched but I enjoyed snuggling up with Lil'C for this event.  There won't be too many Fourth of July's where she will want to sit on my lap....I treasured every moment of it.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday!


Connie Weiss said...

It feels like the 4th of July was a LONG time ago! I think we went to a movie...YES, we did.

I love the hats and flags!

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