Monday, July 8, 2013

Some Days You Just Have to Drop Everything.......

.......and head to the beach!

Our calendar had Sunday marked as a potential beach day.  Scott and Z had plans to golf (Z's first time) in the morning and then our plan was to pack a picnic dinner and head to the beach for the late afternoon.  After an exhausting week of late nights, a trip to RI and so many parties...we decided to spend Sunday afternoon at home.  It would be nice to have some time to catch up on home projects, have the kids in bed at a decent hour and spend some family downtime at home.

When I woke up Sunday morning there was a voice inside of me that said, "today is a beach day".  The sun was shining, temperatures were suppose to be in the 90s and who knows what the weather will be like next weekend?!?!  Here was the perfect beach day right in front of us, so we ignored our tired bodies, packed a picnic dinner and drove east.

Once we are at the beach all of our cares and worries seem to slip away.  It was an afternoon of swimming (58 degree water?!?!), beach combing, sand castle making, football, kite flying, gull chasing and ended with a picnic dinner and trip for ice cream.  As we see it the kids have all week to catch up on sleep and one more late night was worth the few hours of fun!   This afternoon oceanside brought a smile to our faces and was a great way to relax and unwind before the busy week ahead.


Connie Weiss said...

I'm so jealous of how close to the beach you guys are! So fun!!

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