Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Island in the Sun

Island in the Sun is one of my favorite Weezer makes me so happy!  Last week the kids and I were lucky to spend the day on an actual Island in the Sun.  My best friend and her husbands family share a beautiful "family compound" on the same lake where my family has their place.  It is hard to believe that this was our first time out there, considering we are on the same lake.  We were so happy to visit for the day and bring the sun with us!

The kids had a great time celebrating their youngest son's birthday.  Z spent most of his day in the water with his good buddies Nat and C and they spent hours jumping off the raft and organizing competitions.  The did take some time to hike the "mountain" on the island and pick blueberries though.  The day was a little piece of Heaven and I am so grateful for Lauren and Jeff for inviting us.


Annie said...

That place looks so beautiful.

Glad you all had a great time.

PS: Thanks for praying for my Dad.

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