Friday, April 30, 2010

Focus on the Family--May

I can not believe it is May already!!!  April was a difficult month for us but we still were able to get a lot accomplished (here is our old plan).  We are working hard to spring clean, declutter and live with less.  I am also exploring becoming a "Rational Minimalist".  It is a freeing idea and I am slowly working toward that goal :) 

C has been doing well with her bedtime sleep training and though she still puts up a stubborn fight at naps, that too is getting better.  Yes, yes...the working out part of my life is still not in full swing.  I can make a million excuses (no time, I only sleep 4-5 hours a night......) but I know that I just need to make it a priority.  I don't have to train for another 1/2 marathon, just get some exercise in.  I have been taking daily walks with the kids but I need to do more.  Maybe this month :)

If you would like to participate in "Focus on the Family" head over and visit Connie at the Young and the Relentless

Family Time
*Spend a family weekend at the lake
*Take Family Walks
*continue to help S's parents get their house ready for sale
*continue to help my parents stain the cottages at the lake

Z and C Time
*Start C's Solid Food diet
*continue with our daily Walk N Swing (we take a walk and then play on the swing set)
*Take them on at least one adventure
*Start night potty training Z

Momma Time (I am keeping this the same)
*MOMS night out
*Start my workout plan (run a few times)
*Call my doctor for a physical
*Finish another one of my many self-help books :)
*Finish my journal for Lil' C's scrapbook

Momma and Papa Time
*Get our tubby selves working out!!!
*Have a few home date nights
*start doing some pilates or yoga

Home Time
*Continue to DeClutter the House :)
*Plant the garden and finish the yard work
*Paint the Fence
*start prepping the deck for staining

This month I am so grateful for my four sisters.  I am not only blessed with two fabulous younger sisters but also two wonderful sister in-laws.  Each one is unique and I always know I am going to have a good time when I am with them.  They are all very supportive and I am so fortunate that we are not just related.....we are friends.  I love you Kiki, LB, Am and K! 


blueviolet said...

I love how you break it down and kinda have goals for all the relationships in your life, including the one with yourself. Awesome!

Tracie said...

You have great goals. I'm too chicken to write mine down because that means sure failure for me. (I have issues.) I'm always working on de-cluttering. I'm going to check out you minimalist link.

Nicolasa said...

Fantastic goals! You inspire me by your month to month goal making and the way you break it down makes it so doable!

Babe in Babeland said...

WOW, you are so organized. I am so impressed, and I wish you could teach me. Also, would you mind coming over to my apartment after you're done de-cluttering your place? I don't know where to begin!!

I'm trying to catch up on everyone's blogs now! So great to read your updates.

Connie Weiss said...

Great goals for the month! and thank you again so much for doing this with me!

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