Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tell me Z, How Does Your Garden Grow???

This past weekend we spent a lot of time enlarging our backyard garden.  Z and S spent 3 hours moving 2 yards of compost/soil into the new raised bed.  Z never complained and loved being along side his daddy for this very important project :)

This weekend we will plant our first rounds of seeds and get our container gardens ready to plant.  Considering it "snowed" here yesterday, we are a bit nervous to put anything fragile into the ground at this point :)

We plan to plant our usual tomatoes, green beans, carrots and herbs but this year we are adding in lettuce, pumpkins (so excited about this), cucumbers, peppers and sunflowers.  The Easter Bunny was very good to Z and left him all sorts of seeds to plant, a new watering can and two books about gardening.  He loves his garden and the veggies that come from it (he would rather eat carrots and cherry tomatoes than birthday cake).

After 4 long years on our To-Do list...we finally started a compost bin :)  Our bin came in this past weekend and Z was so excited to dump in the salad scraps and his banana peels.  I hope his enthusiasm for compost continues.  It would be so great to have a 12 year old skipping to the compost bin to dump in the family table scraps :)  Somehow I don't think that will ever happen.


Mommy Lisa said...

If I could ever get around to prioritizing gardening over everything else. It just seems stuff gets in the way.



Shelly said...

I've always wanted a compost bin...and a garden for that matter. I don't know enough about composting yet, but maybe I'll finally get one sometime in the future. I hope your garden flourishes.

Annie said...

It's big, wow. Anxious to see the final result (vegetables).

Have a beautiful day.

Beth P. said...

How exciting! We're trying a vegetable garden for the very first time this year! I'm hoping if I'm successful this year, next year we can get C excited and involved. He sounds like Z - loves fruits and veggies and would pick them over sweets! Such good boys :-)

Connie Weiss said...

I'm putting off planting anything snowed here yesterday.

And I don't know if we're moving.

Can't wait to hear how you like the compost thing. I've always wanted one.

VKT said...

What a sweet picture of little Z working so hard on the garden. He is really working hard on it. I am so impressed. Thanks to your post, our plans for this Saturday is to start a compost pile!!! We are going to try to find a bin to keep it in and turn it. Thanks for inspiring us!!!

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