Friday, November 18, 2011

An Angel Got His Wings

Yesterday S's Grandfather passed away.  Grandpa Lou was an amazing and hardworking man who always put family first.  He was 92 years old, married to his 90 year old wife for the past 71 years, ran his own company and has a big and wonderful Italian family. 

Yesterday when I shared the news with Z, he ran to get out his instrument bucket.  When I asked him what he was doing, he told me he had to ring bells to make sure that Grandpa got his wings.  He rang every bell in this house and since Grandpa was a bell maker, he wanted to make sure to ring the bells that Grandpa had made himself.  It was a sweet moment and I know will all the bell ringing that went on in this house, many angels earned their wings.  
 When I met and fell in love with S, I was shocked to learn that he had all 4 of his grandparents in his life.   I had lost both my grandfathers so it was wonderful to marry into a family where I was given the gift of two more.  Grandpa Lou was a very special person with many talents.  He was a good golfer, a tool maker, a wonderful cook and a prize winning winemaker. He loved his family, would do anything for them and would light up when anyone came to visit.  Grandpa and Z shared a love for bulldozers.

We love you Grandpa, thanks for loving us and for showing us the importance of family.  You are with Kiki now and we hope that you will team up to do lots of heavenly good.  Our candle of love is lit in the window to let you know how much we miss you (and Kiki) and that we are thinking about you!


MamaB said...

You have my prayers and all the "hugs" I can send. My he rest in peace.

Annie said...

So sorry! My prayers are with your family.


Connie said...

I'm so sorry for your loss!

LOVE that Z is ringing bells for him!

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