Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our Thankful Turkey

We will pack away the Halloween decorations later today and I know this will really upset Z.  The month of November is a favorite for me (love Thanksgiving and the anticipation for December) and I wanted to give Z something fun to look forward to this month.  I was thinking of doing a Thankful Countdown or something like that until I found the perfect project on Pinterest.

Are you on Pinterest??  I am a bit addicted at the moment and many I know don't understand its value.  All I can say is that if you are a creative soul or are looking for some ideas for a project (home, kids, recipe etc.), you can find it on Pinterest :)

Anyhoo...back to the Thanksgiving project, we decided to make a Thankful Turkey.  We sent many of our favorite people letters in the mail which included a paper feather.  Here is what the letter said,

This Thanksgiving, Z and Lil' C want to know what the special people in their lives are thankful for.  Please write something you are thankful for on the enclosed feather (please be creative and don’t put Z and Lil' C) and mail it back to the our family.  They will take the feathers and attach them to their big paper turkey and hang it at their Thankgiving Table to remind them of all of you on this special day.  We wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving. 
PS  Sorry we did not enclose postage for you to send your feather back but we hope that you will mail it back anyway ;)

We are making our Turkey body today and we will attach the feathers as they come back.  I too am looking forward to see what people have to say and think it will be a great lesson for Z and Lil' C.  I also think they will love getting all that mail :)  That is one of the best parts of December (all the mail) and so it will be fun to get lots of good mail in November too.  The project cost about $10 and I know it will be worth every penny :)
We sent out over 60 feathers and Z is hoping to get at least 58 of them back.  So if you receive a feather in the mail over the next few days, please fill it out and send it back.  We look forward to including you in our Thanksgiving feast :)


Annie said...

Oh dear, you found the most amazing ideas. Can't wait to see the final result.

Lee-Ann said...

Oh that is an amazing idea! Great job Mom!

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