Monday, November 28, 2011

A White Thanksgiving, Buying Hotels, Hunting for Trees and a Festivus to Remember

This past weekend was a weekend to wonderful!  We started off Wednesday with S working through his day off :(  Yes this is not ideal but having him home working is better than not having him home at all.  It was cozy listening to holiday music while he worked and Z and I set up the tree :)  Thursday brought snow to my mother's so we were blessed with a White Thanksgiving (this was after a White Halloween...I really hope we have a White Christmas!!).  S played in his annual golf tournament with my dad and BIL in the snow while we watched the parade with my mom, sister and my niece and nephew :) 

Dinner was delicious and my very good friend Sey joined us this year, it was so much fun to have her there.  She has always been like a part of our family and fit right in.  She and I got to have a sleepover  that night at my mom's and S took the kids home to put them to bed.  Sey, my sister K and I played HOTELS (favorite childhood board game) while sipping wine. Sey beat the pants off of us and I lost my hotel fortune to her but it was so nice to spend time together and enjoy the quiet.
Friday we went down to S's parents house and went to pick out their Christmas Tree.  My children have never experienced the process of cutting down a tree so this was so much fun for them.  It is the earliest my in-laws have ever had their tree but they wanted to involve the children and my sister and brother in-law.  It was a true family adventure.

Saturday after decorating our tree, we went to my sister's for the annual family Festivus celebration.  The years my brother in-law has to work on Thanksgiving (he is a police officer) she hosts a Festivus.  This celebration is complete with the airing of grievances, feats of strength and next year will hopefully have a pole :)
 Sunday was a quiet day that ended with an early bird date night!  We got the sitter at 4:30, went out to eat, we were home by 7pm, watched a movie and were in bed by 9:30.....AWESOME date night!!!

Here are some more photos of our weekend, I hope you had a special Thanksgiving Weekend!!

Tree Farm

"Is this the one??"
Our Pick!!
The Thankful Turkeys Traveled with us all weekend!
the cutting of the rope....drum roll please....
Time to decorate our tree!

putting on the star
Decorating the tree in his room
A Festivus Table for the Rest of Us!


Annie said...

Is amazing when we had the opportunity to spend great time with family.

So glad it was a great Thanksgiving and weekend.

Have a nice week.

Mimi & GPJ said...

...and we're still searching for the box of neatly stashed away Christmas tree lights.
I hope they turn up by Christmas.
It was a beautiful day for tree hunting.
Thanks for the memories.
GPJ & Mimi

Mom said...

Thanks for a wonderful weekend! Dad and I enjoyed ourselves and love having everyone together. Now on to Christmas!

Connie said...

That sounds like a lovely weekend!

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