Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Countdown to Christmas-Advent of Experiences

 Before we know it December 1st will be here and so for the last few days I have been focused on this year's countdown.  This is what I am planning for this year.

Advent Calendar
The advent calendar that I made last year with my best friend La will come out of the basement and I can't wait to hang it back up.  I am currently working on the experiences that will inhabit each box and can't wait for the anticipation each morning as we open the daily box to see what that day will hold.  We had so much fun last year and I know they will be even more into it this year.  Here is what I am thinking for the advent experiences......

letters to Santa, pick a charity to raise money for doing chores around the house, our toys for tots donation to the police station, build gingerbread house, night out to look for holiday lights,  our annual tradition to see the trains at the liquor store, movie night, special dinner at a friends house, a trip to the movies, breakfast out, holiday crafts, skype and sing holiday carols, Hanukkah night, make dog biscuits for our furry friends, making cookie day with friends, eat dessert first, picnic under the tree, make edible tree decorations for our Night Tree (story by Eve Bunting), write a love letter to someone special, make holiday gift tags, adventure to the science museum, Christmas Eve party

Holiday Story Countdown
 Last year I borrowed the Holiday Story Countdown from BJ Mama and plan to do it again.  It was so nice to cozy up each night, unwrap a book and read it as a family.  We kept our 24 wrapped books (which were numbered and usually corresponded with the Advent experience for that day) in a basket by the tree. I know many are scared of this tradition because of the number of Holiday Books needed.   As a former teacher (and book collector) I have more than 24 so this was easy to do but you could easily check out a bunch from the library :) 

The Elves
Park and Molly our Elf Magic elves will make their debut around the 10th or 12th of December.  They were only here for about 2 weeks last year and this worked out well.  They too worked with our Advent Calendar of Experiences and usually brought treats for the things we needed (candy for the gingerbread houses, a new Christmas movie for movie night, the ingredients for the dog biscuits etc.).  Their shorter visit also made it easier for me in terms of planning their mischief and Z's anticipation for when they might arrive was pretty big :)  He also asked in his letter to Santa if Santa could spare them for the season.

What are you planning for this Holiday Season???


Annie said...

We are planning a special dinner for us as a family, decorations around the house, night out to look for holiday lights near and far away from our house, crafts, games, bake,well I'm planning lots of things.

Connie said...

I've been making my plans for a month!

Our elves emailed us a few days ago and they are ready to return to our little apartment. I think they have some fun things lined up for us.

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