Monday, November 14, 2011

A Simple Christmas

Over the past few years, S and I have worked hard to simplify our Christmas.  Each year the budget gets smaller and each year I try to be even more creative with how I use my allotted funds.   In doing this, I have found the true meaning of Christmas for myself.   

To quote one of my favorite movies, 

"It came without ribbons!... it came without tags!... it came without packages, boxes, or bags!"

Even as a child, the rituals and coming together of family and friends was my favorite part of Christmas.   I loved serving as an acolyte during Christmas Eve service, loved the traditions that my family would follow each year and loved spending 2-3 days with family and friends.  These traditions were so important to me but the gifts were also a big part of the holiday.  Just like every kid, I would lie awake Christmas Eve wondering what would be waiting under the tree....I LOVED presents :)  As I grew up, I took more of an interest in the giving aspect of Christmas but I still LOVED getting presents!  When I became a mom, the presents for me took a backseat and I focused only on showering my baby with presents.  Now that we are forced to be real with our finances and refuse to spend a lot of money on things that we don't need....Christmas has taken a whole new focus.

I am trying to help my children focus less on the gifts as well (tough to do in this society).  They do not watch TV with commercials, all catalogs have been recycled before they have laid eyes on them and with my holiday shopping complete....we will not be going to the Mall or a Toy Store between now and Christmas.  We are trying to focus less on what we will get and focus more on the gifts we will make, the items we will donate and the experiences of the season. Though Z's list is already written but I hope to show him that the season is more about toys (although they are lots of FUN).  This season will be all about Love, Family and Friends, Ritual and of course little baby Jesus.


Annie said...

What kind of handmade presents you have in mind?

Cute Christmas tree.

Have a great week.

Mom said...

I also love the traditions, as you well know. I love that you, and your sisters, have taken up the wonderful traditions passed down to me by your grandparents. I too liked the presents, but now the time to spend with family and friends has become so very important.

"Traditions...traditions. Traditions!"

Lee-Ann said...

Good for you. I'm hoping to cut down this Xmas, I say that every year though. :s I am really big on the traditions of the holiday, I love that part of it and making memories with my kids. :)

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