Thursday, June 14, 2012

Are your kids into Ninjago?  Oh my goodness, our house has been under Ninjago Fever for the past month or so.  It is all about Jai, Kai, Zane, Cole, Sensai Wu, Spinjitsu, Serpents, the four golden weapons and lots of stuff I am still learning about :)  Today we got to go to Ninjago Training Camp (aka a good friend's 6 year old birthday party) and now both my kids are full fledged Ninja!! ;) 
This party was AWESOME.  My friend Claire is incredible and this party did not disappoint.  The kids worked through different training exercises (games) and after each one earned part of their ninja costume.  They first earned their Ninjago T-Shirt where they all became of the 4 characters...Lil'C became Kai's sister Nya!  They then earned their black belt, then their Ninja head piece (not sure what that is called and I am too tired to look it up) and finally their certificate that they had passed the Ninja Training!  Their final mission was to battle the evil Serpent (forget his name, it was really Claire's husband) with their new golden swords (made out of pool noodles).  They chased him and beat him down and then earned their pizza and cake :)
Claire made EVERYTHING from the t-shirts, headpieces (made out of t-shirts), swords, certificates, belts....EVERYTHING.  Her games were so engaging and all the kids were so into this training.  It was so fun and a party that the three of us will never forget.  My crew was last to leave (Lil'C was not going to miss a crumb of her cake) and so Claire graciously invited us to stay and watch her son open presents.  We stayed, ate dinner with them, adults relaxed on the porch while the kids played....such a fun way to end a great party!
My Ninja's are now very tuckered out and I hope they get some good sleep :)  I know that I am definitely ready for some good sleep tonight!


Annie said...

What a fun party!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great party! Looks like all were TOTALLY engaged. Pure joy!
Kudos to Claire. ..

Lee-Ann said...

Such a cool party! My so is into the Ninjago stuff right now. I totally don't get it. LOL

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