Monday, June 4, 2012

A Note For Mommy and Lil'C

Scott was away all last week in CA for work.  Saturday was the first time the children saw him since Monday night and they were very excited and all over him.  Poor Scott was exhausted but tried to meet their enthusiasm with love and attention.  While Lil'C and Scott were at the dump (an activity they like to do together), Z was up in his room.  He came down with this letter........

Here is what it says (it can be difficult to read inventive spelling ;)). 

"Mommy and Lil'C.  I want Me and Daddy to have some time together.  So Please Good-bye Lil'C and Mommy."

And I thought I was being delivered a love letter!  Well we heard his cry for "Boys Time" loud and clear and so Lil'C went in for a nap, mommy did some chores and Scott took Z bowling!  


Mommy Lisa said...

So cute.

Mom said...

It has been tough on them. I am glad he is able to express his feelings. What a love he is.

Anonymous said...

That's a keeper!

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